Today I learned about Ivรกn Fernรกndez Anaya, a long distance runner who saw his competitor Abel Mutai slow down before the finish line due to a mistake. Instead of overtaking him to claim first place, he told/showed Abel the error and came second to him in an amazing display of sportsmanship. fairplayinternational.orgโ€ฆ
In curling, good sportsmanship and politeness are essential. Congratulating opponents on plays and abstaining from trash talk are part of whatโ€™s known as the โ€œSpirit of Curling.โ€โ€ฆ
Thereโ€™s a Worldwide Tag Championship. The players even play with great sportsmanship, admitting they got tagged even if it wasnโ€™t spotted by the moderators.
The rarest Olympic Medal is the Pierre de Coubertin (aka True Spirit of Sportsmanship) medal. It is awarded less than once per Olympics.โ€ฆ
The beloved Valentine's Day gift, The "Teddy" Bear, spawned from an incident in which the President refused to kill a captured black bear on merits of sportsmanship...โ€ฆ
Frank Boucher won the NHL Sportsmanship award so many times, Lady Byng gave him the trophy to keep.โ€ฆ
Larry Lemieux, a Canadian sailor at the 1988 Olympics, was about to win a silver medal when he abandoned the race to save two other competitors who had capsized. He was given the Pierre de Coubertin Medal for sportsmanship.โ€ฆ
Vanderlei de Lima of Brazil was leading the 2004 Athens Men's Olympic Marathon by 30 seconds when he was tackled by a protester, causing him to fall to third place. He was awarded the Pierre de Coubertin medal for his sportsmanship in the aftermath.
Norwegian ski coach rewarded Canadian maple syrup for Olympic sportsmanship.โ€ฆ
Aaron Hernandez in 2009 won the John Mackey Award, which is given to the tight end who exemplifies the best play, sportsmanship, academics, and community values.โ€ฆ
It's possible - though not good sportsmanship - to inject yourself with your own blood to improve athletic performance. They call this analogous blood doping.
When Japanese pole vaulters Shuhei Nishida and Sueo Oe tied for silver at the 1936 Olympics they refused a tie-breaker. The silver was arbitrarily awarded to Nishida. They had their medals cut in half and then welded together so they each had one "friendship medal" of half silver, half bronze.โ€ฆ
How Spanish runner Ivรกn Fernรกndez Anaya intentionally lost a race. Kenyan runner and race leader Abel Mutai stopped 10-20 meters short of the finish line, thinking he had already won. Instead of passing him, Anaya stopped and told Mutai to keep running, thus allowing Mutai to win.โ€ฆ
In a soccer match between Iran and Denmark, an Iranian player mistook a whistle from the crowd as being the referee's half-time signal, and picked the ball up with his hands in the penalty area. Danish player Morten Wieghorst missed the resultant penalty on purpose, and Denmark lost 1โ€“0.โ€ฆ
Brett Favre (Superbowl Champion QB of the Green Bay Packers) is now a high school football coach.โ€ฆ
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>"Worst family vacation ever." --tektite

>"TIL there are kinda 2 Niagara Falls.. Canadian side horseshoe falls which I figured was Niagara Falls entirely.. and the slightly less cool American straight one." --dopeness

>"They reduce the flow of the falls every night, too." --kahirsch

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TIL that in the 1912 Summer Olympics, Duke Kahanamoku, favored to win 100m freestyle swim overslept, missed prelims. Cecil Healy of Australia refused to swim in final unless Duke was allowed to swim special qualifier. Judges relented; Duke won Gold and Healy won Silver. - []

>"Truly a victory for oversleepers everywhere." --Hattusa

>"I will remember Healy as the epitome of class and sportsmanship. The other guys... not so much." --fornulf

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