Some Inuit groups used ridicule in the form of song duels as a means of conflict resolution. Two men who had failed to resolve a conflict by other means would secretly compose derisive songs about their adversary. The whole camp gathered in a large igloo to observe the song duel.โ€ฆ
Not only do bats make high-pitched sounds for echolocation, many bat species also sing. A team of scientists that analyzed one speciesโ€™ song translated it as a sequence that opens with a hello, then a gender identification, then some geographic information, & then a "let's talk" section.โ€ฆ
Jason Paige, the singer of the original Pokรฉmon Theme, didn't expect the song to become popular and knew nothing about the franchise when he recorded it. He considers the song to be a relatively minor part of his career, as he has worked with Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, and Frankie Valli.โ€ฆ
When John Lennon performed "Woman Is the N****r of the World" on the Dick Cavett Show, Cavett was told to apologise for the song's content before the performance. The show received about 600 letters of complaint - but all criticized Cavett's apology, not the song's lyrics.โ€ฆ
Famed childrenโ€™s author and cartoonist Shel Silverstein was also a successful country music songwriter. Among his credits was Johnny Cashโ€™s โ€œA Boy Named Sue,โ€ which went on to win the Grammy for Best Country Song.โ€ฆ
Howard Stern mocked Selena's murder and burial, poked fun at her mourners, criticized her music and said that Spanish people had the worse taste in music. Stern then played Selena's songs with gunshots in the background on his show.
Today I learned about Taxi Dance Halls of the late 1920s and early '30s where lonely men looking for human contact paid 10 cents a song to dance with women for a few minutes. In 1931, there were at least 100 taxi dance halls in New York, visited by up to 50,000 men each week.โ€ฆ
Carl Douglas quickly recorded the number #1 hit, "Kung Fu Fighting", during the last 10 minutes of a studio session in 1974. The song was originally meant to be a B-side track, but went on to sell more than 11 million copies.โ€ฆ
The song 'Scotty Doesn't Know' from the film EuroTrip reached #53 on the US Billboard Pop chart.โ€ฆ
The Bob Dylan song "Hurricane" was written about a real boxer convicted of murder in a racially-biased prosecution, and the popularity of the song and the funds Dylan raised from performing it at benefits (eventually) resulted in the conviction behind vacated and the charges being dropped.โ€ฆ
English Muffins are known simply as muffins in the UK and long before every home had an oven, muffins were sold door to door (hence the song โ€œDo You Know the Muffin Man,โ€ which was being sung as early as 1820).โ€ฆ
Bobby Darin wrote "Splish Splash" after a DJ bet him that he couldn't make a hit song that started with "Splish Splash, I was takin' a bath"โ€ฆ
The song "Rainbow Connection" sung by Kermit from the 1979 film, The Muppet Movie reached No. 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 and remained in the Top 40 for seven weeks. It was also nominated for Best Original Song at the 52nd Academy Awardsโ€ฆ
In 2011, a 13 year old Norwegian boy encountered a pack of wolves while walking back alonefrom school. He managed to fend them off by removing his headphones and blasting the song "Overcome", by Creed on full volumeโ€ฆ
In 1995 Hayao Miyazaki directed a cyberpunk shortfilm for a rock song after having writer's block. He purposely misinterpreted the lyrics to make the video cryptic to evoke creative interpretations among viewers. SciFi writers and magazines called it "the most perfect short science fantasy film"โ€ฆ
When the Rolling Stones were forced to make another single to fulfill their contract, they recorded a vulgar song known as "Cocksucker Blues." In retaliation, their former label released an album of the band's greatest hits - despite the Stone's renunciation, it hit top 10 on UK chartsโ€ฆ
"All Along the Watchtower" was a Bob Dylan Song. Dylan said he was so "overwhelmed" by the more famous Jimi Hendrix version, that he started playing it that way. After Hendrix died, Dylan said playing the song felt like a tribute to Hendrix.โ€ฆ
Vanilla Ice used Queen and David Bowie's Under Pressure song baseline for his one-hit wonder Ice Ice Baby but didn't pay any royalties to Queen or Bowie. After facing a lawsuit, he then claimed he purchased the song Under Pressure in an interview, only to be corrected by a Queen spokesman.โ€ฆ
Inmates of a nazi labour camp in northern Germany's marshes were banned from singing political songs, so they wrote a "soldier" hymn to themselves being "peat bog soldiers". When the SS made them perform it at the "concentration camp circus" the anti-nazi song was so catchy, the SS sang along.โ€ฆ
In just 3 short years - The Mamas & the Papas released 5 studio albums, made the Billboard top 10, and have sold close to 40 MILLION RECORDS WORLDWIDE. Some songs are still recognizable to this very day.โ€ฆ
When Phil Collins first performed "In The Air Tonight" on television, he had a pot of paint on the stage, as the song was inspired by his divorce from his wife as she had had an affair with a painter and decorator.โ€ฆ
Elvin Bishop's "Fooled Around and Fell in Love" was sung by his background singer Mickey Thomas. Bishop felt his gravelly voice didn't suit the song and asked Thomas to take lead. It was Bishop's biggest hit, peaking at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in May 1976.โ€ฆ
'The Spy Who Shagged Me' in the Austin Powers series is an Academy Award nominated film (for best makeup). It also won a Grammy for Madonna's 1999 song 'Beautiful Stranger' (for best song written for a motion picture, TV or other visual media).โ€ฆ
The USSR expected to win the final of the 1957 Ice Hockey World Championships, held in Moscow, but lost to Sweden. The organizers did not have the Swedish national anthem ready for the medal ceremony, so the Swedish players sang a drinking song and it was broadcast over the PA system.โ€ฆ
Biz Markie was not supposed to sing the chorus in his hit song "Just a Friend", but none of the people he invited showed up at the studio so he sang it himself.โ€ฆ
Today I learned about "the Singing Revolution" which happened between 1987 and 1991 in Estonia when people gathered in public places to sing national songs together despite the ban. This and the "human chain" from Estonia to Lithuania were among the events that led to the independence of Baltic states.โ€ฆ
Despite censoring "dirty" language in songs, Kidz Bop has been criticized due to changing ONLY individual lyrics and not the overall meaning and themes of songs. A University of Colorado professor called Kidz Bop "an abomination" due to it only censoring lyrics and not the overall content.โ€ฆ
At the beginning of Rob Zombie's song Dragula, the line "Superstition, fear and jealousy" was a clip spoken by Christopher Lee in the film, The City of the Dead.โ€ฆ
The reason why It Wasn't Me by Shaggy got famous is because a DJ in Hawaii pirated it off of Napster and played it live on air. The song was not supposed to be on the album.โ€ฆ
After covering one of his songs Prince summoned Sinead O'Connor to his house to tell her to stop swearing in interviews. When she told him to F off he punched and attacked her and she had to escape from his houseโ€ฆ
[] Jerry Lee Lewis, famous for the songs "Great Balls of Fire" and "Whole Lotta Shaking Going on" married his 13 year old cousin. It was not his first nor would it be his last marriage.โ€ฆ
Phil Collins, composer of the soundtrack to Disney's 1999 animated film "Tarzan", performed all the songs not only in English, but French, German, Italian and Spanish as well.โ€ฆ
Egyptian lawyers were banned from Roman courts during the time Rome ruled over Egypt. This is because they mocked Roman judges and their decisions. Some even made up jokes and songs to defend political prisoners.
The song Listen to her heart was written by Tom Petty is response to Ike Turner hitting on Tom's then wife at a party. It annoyed him so much he wrote the song.โ€ฆ
The title of the Radiohead album "OK Computer" comes from a line in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: "OK, computer, I want full manual control now." The song "Paranoid Android" refers to "Hitchhiker" character Marvin, the Paranoid Android.โ€ฆ
While the Beach Boys sang a lot of songs about surfing, only one member of the band, Drummer Dennis Wilson, could actually surf.โ€ฆ
Bobby Farrell, member of the group Boney M., famous for the song Rasputin, died on the 30th of December in St. Petersburg, the same date and place that Grigori Rasputin died.โ€ฆ
Liu Chuyu, a Song dynasty princess complained to her brother that it was unfair he was allowed to have as many concubines as he wanted while she was limited to a single husband. He agreed and gave her a harem of 30 young men.โ€ฆ
Not only do bats make high-pitched sounds for echolocation, many bat species also sing. A team of scientists that analyzed one speciesโ€™ song translated it as a sequence that opens with a hello, then a gender identification, then some geographic information, & then a "let's talk" section.โ€ฆ
The song "Hello Ma Baby" was nearly 60 years old when sung by the cartoon frog. It's the oldest known song to mention the telephone, and the first about a man falling in love with a woman he never met via technology.โ€ฆ
At a traditional Thai wedding, the groom's way to the ceremony is blocked by a series of "gates" (golden necklaces or belts) held up by bridesmaids and family members. Some can be passed with money, others require him to answer questions, and he may even need to yell out his love or sing a songโ€ฆ
The song โ€œRich Girlโ€ by Hall & Oates was originally written about Victor Walker, a spoilt heir to a fast food chain who was an ex-boyfriend of Hallโ€™s girlfriend. They changed the lyric to rich girl as it sounded betterโ€ฆ
"Sympathy for the Devil" by The Rolling Stones was originally written with the line "I shouted out 'Who killed Kennedy?'". The line was rewritten to "Who killed the Kennedys?" when Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated during the production of the song.โ€ฆ
The Don McLean song "Vincent" (written as a tribute to Vincent van Gogh) was played to Tupac Shakur as he lay dying in hospital.โ€ฆ
The lyricist for the theme song of the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon (Spider-Man! Spider-Man! Does whatever a spider can!) won three Academy Awards for Best Original Song and was nominated sixteen times for the award.โ€ฆ
A Filipino singer made a song with Chinese-sounding gibberish. Some of the Chinese community at the Filipino province of Cebu wanted it removed from jukeboxes. According to the singer, a plan to bring it to court failed because no one could find a single Chinese lyric in the song.โ€ฆ
Jingle Bells is "not a Christmas song โ€” it's a Thanksgiving song. It's not a jolly family song โ€” it's a drinking song. It's at the centre of a nasty dispute, and it was written by a 'jerk'."โ€ฆ
Van Halen only agreed to let Pepsi use the song 'Right Now' in Crystal Pepsi commercials in 1992 and 1993 because it was crystal clear that if Van Halen did not license the song, Pepsi would hire studio musicians to record a cover.โ€ฆ
Happy-go-lucky parody musician Weird Al Yankovic once recorded a diss track after his ex-girlfriend broke up with him. The song One More Minute describes all the horrible things he'd rather do than stay with her, and in the song's music video he tears up a picture of her on camera.โ€ฆ
Bruce Springsteen wrote 'Fire' for Elvis Presley to record. After seeing his idol in concert, Bruce wrote the song, and sent Elvis a demo, but Elvis died before receiving it.โ€ฆ

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