Water is not colorless. The pure water has a slight blue color that becomes a deeper green as the thickness of the observed sample increases. The blue hue of the water is an intrinsic property and is caused by selective absorption and scattering of white light. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Col…
Selective Outrage
Due to the impact of selective breeding on their backs, male French Bulldogs can’t mount females naturally thus requiring artificial insemination for reproduction. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fre…
Role creep is bad. If support and DPS are supposed to be the same role, that philosophy should be unanimous, not selective.

For awhile now, and especially after this balance patch:

Why are we seeing so many dps roles now that also crap out boons by default?

Why are mirages wearing damage gear and crapping out boons while running competitive damage rotations?

Why do firebrands crap out boons while dealing competitive damage?

Why do renegades crap out boons while dealing competitive damage?

All while:

  • Thieves can deal competitive damage, but not while providing boons.

  • Engineers can deal competitive damage, but not while providing boons.

  • Elementalists can deal competitive damage, but provide fewer boons.

  • Druids have a support spec, but it nerfs your pet and you don't deal competitive damage while providing boons.

Something's really off here. Damage roles are being balanced for damage, but the amount of support those builds are providing is completely ignored in balance considerations.

I propose the following extremely stupid suggestions that I don't actually think are good ideas but would be completely fine under the way the game is currently balanced, because all damage roles should be completely roided up with garbage:

  • When thieves apply stealth to allies, whether revealed or not, those allies all gain quickness and alacrity. While backstabbing a target you pulse all boons to ten nearby allies. Giving poisons to allies also gives them boons, who cares.

  • All scrapper gyros provide quickness, alacrity and might because scrapper is apparently a support spec according to the balance notes. Function gyro now pulls and rezzes allies instantly. Pulse quickness, alacrity, resistance, fury, and might whenever you revive an ally. Hammer auto attack now provides your enemy with random boons, then immediately corrupts them, then transfers them to yourself, then converts them into boons. Electro Whirl now also reflects balance patches onto other professions. Holosmith Heat Therapy now soothes nearby allies as well, restoring life to ten nearby allies and pulsing alacity, might, protection, and probably a few others too, every second or so.

  • Elementalists pulse protection, quickness, and five stacks of might to nearby allies whenever they change attunements. Tempest overloads give all boons to ten nearby targets. Summoned elementals restore life to ten allies while they exist, constantly. Forming a perfect weave now gives all allies 30s of quickness and alacrity, and they also gain protection because of how big your hair is.

  • Druid now provides 20% more stats to y

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Today I learned about BarleyMax+, a grain developed through selective breeding by Australia's CSIRO research group to create new, hardier and healthier foods to combat things like cardiovascular disease. csiro.au/en/research/prod…
[OC] Despite being far more selective, women sl match more frequently than men on Tinder
Just got a draft letter the other day - every time I’m reminded of the draft, I get upset. Checked the Selective Service System website, and what do you know...
Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition (v2.0.0.0 + 2 DLCs, MULTi14) [FitGirl Repack, Selective Download] from 40.8 GB
Commenter suggests it is impossible not to be admitted to an extremely selective summer programme due to their high IQ
Dairy cows typically are born with horns, they must be "de-horned" when young, and that dairy farmers over time use selective breeding to eliminate the recessive gene that causes horns in both male and female cattle. dairycarrie.com/2012/01/0…
Do Mars thought Valora ghosted her but in reality, Valora got stucked somewhere after a failed mission (in her lore) and got selective amnesia forgetting Mars? I'll watch this anime.
Marketplace beggar suffers with selective reading...
Tony is selective with the big dick energy... imgur.com/xWf9Gjm
Selective memory.
This is an unironic 'Guardian pick' - rather a selective memory given Corbyn won Hartlepool in both 2017 and 2019.
Just learning what selective mutism is after doing it for decades

Hahaha...yaaaay. Late diagnosis, now in my thirties looking back at all the times I've clammed up or blanked out in what I perceived to be sticky situations. Tense conversations with roommates, nights out with people I don't know very well, etc. I'm self-sufficient but there are times when I just delete myself from the equation and check out for seconds or minutes, leaving folks with the impression that I'm "too good" for them or uninterested. Nope! Just overstimulated.

Spent my whole life around people who catastrophized my behavior and made it about them, when the real reason was so, so simple. Really glad to finally put a name to what I've been doing so I can work around it!

A2C when they realize Whole Foods is more selective than Harvard
Cyberpunk 2077 (v1.2/Steam + Bonus Content, MULTi18) [FitGirl Repack, Selective Download] from 34.4 GB
Why selective outrage over this?

When this happened muslim boy beaten for drinking water i saw many post on r_ worldnews, actualpublicfreakouts, publicfreakouts, religionsfruitcake. But, not even a single post on bengal violence in any of the subs i have mentioned above. Violence on one community is ignored but, other gets full support even immunity from killings.

Spare us the selective outrage on the lockdown protests unherd.com/thepost/spare-…
DAE Find themselves being selective in whom you're vulnerable with because some people don't feel "safe" to you?

I have discovered this recently. Some people I feel uncomfortable being vulnerable with because something in them doesn't feel right. Wherein other's I can easily cry or open up to. Some people do not give off the energy or social cues that indicate that they are safe for me to open up to.

I thought that I was being emotionally frigid. And at some point I was. But once I reconnected to myself I realized there was a reason why I couldn't be emotionally vulnerable with certain people. They later presented themselves to be unavailable emotionally, looking for ammunition, or were only in it to feel needed and not really because cared about my well being and I was able to pick that up somehow.

Any thoughts?

Total War: ROME Remastered (v2.00 + Enhanced Graphics Pack, MULTi7) [FitGirl Repack, Selective Download] from 16.5 GB
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX (MULTi6) [FitGirl Repack, Selective Download] from 3.6 GB
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Selective Amnesia, anyone??

Five years since debut and people are still confused about the NCT system and its vision. Which shows the number of new fans they have attracted since that fateful day last 2015 when this new culture technology was announced.

Now NCT Hollywood was announced - the NCT group that will cover the promotions in the US - and people are going nuts. NCT aims not globalization but localization thus, the development of NCT groups for different countries. People should really re-visit that introduction to NCT video somewhere in YouTube.

NCT 127 is for Seoul (thus the 127 on their name) WayV is for China NCT Dream was supposed to be the starting point of every member before they were promoted to join either an existing group or a new group but scratch that.

It is expected for SM to create another NCT group whether it's the Japanese one to cover the promotions in Japan or the Hollywood one to cover the promotions in the the US. Nobody knows which one will debut first as they should be trained first.

My only question is if it's NCT Hollywood, will they cover the entire USA or are we getting an NCT Broadway for the east coast?

TL;DR: This is expected. Nothing new to see here.

Dystopias-Selective Timeline
Natalie - Selective Non-Drinker

I just noticed in HEA episode how Natalie was drinking champagne with Mike. Didn’t we have to endure hours of rants about how she does not drink anything ever, was terrified of a root beer non alcoholic drink and all that nonsense? Why is she suddenly all good with it? Yes I know, special occasions mean some people who usually don’t drink have a glass but she was strictly against all alcohol. Odd change of behavior in my opinion. But I guess their entire story line is 100% flipped from chaos to perfect love story but this one detail just bothered me.

Study: Usage of affirmative action at the most selective U.S. universities only increases Black student enrollment by 0.8 percentage points. However, at less selective institutions, policy usage was associated with decreased Black student enrollments. Data from 1,127 universities, 1990–2016. journals.sagepub.com/doi/…
Kendall: I can be super selective with my modeling jobs - Also Kendall: v.redd.it/y6l82h8nvjs61
Minnesota's selective colleges see surge in applications after waiving standardized test requirements m.startribune.com/minneso…
Because of my selective mutism and social anxiety I have never learned to converse with people.

And so now I’m 18, I have no friends and no idea how to talk with people. Like people say β€œjust say whatever pops up into your head!” But the problem is my head is just... empty. The only thing I could come up with is like β€œnice weather” lol. Does anyone else have this issue?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (v1.5.0/v208 + DLC 3.0 Pack + Cemu v1.22.7, MULTi12) [FitGirl Repack, Selective Download] from 5.7 GB
Borderlands 3: Ultimate Edition (Build 6500770 + 22 DLCs, MULTi11) [FitGirl Repack, Selective Download] from 55.5 GB
Forzza Horizzon 4: Ultimate Edition (v1.465.282.0 Steam + All DLCs + Multiplayer, MULTi17) [FitGirl Repack, Selective Download] from 45.3 GB
HUMOR: Warner Bros/Legendary have selective vision
Selective outrage of social media : A curious case of Shraddha Kapoor

We have been discussing a lot about celebrities going for vacationing during the pandemic. Ranbir and Alia were trending in twitter for a whole day when they showed up in the airport before flying to Maldives. Here I have seen atleast 3 posts discussing her hypocrisy on the same day. Apart from alia and ranbir, we also dicussed about the vacationing of tiger, disha, madhuri, sara, janhvi, pooja bedi.

Now let me come to my actual topic. Shraddha Kapoor - the 3rd most following Indian celebrity in insta after Viray Kohli & PC. She went to maldives 3 times during this year. 1st for her cousins wedding in march. 2nd time with her parents in march itself. And a third time in April. In all these 3 times she was continuously posting pictures from there. She also posted about covid in her ig stories. Yet I haven't seen a single post discussing about her hypocrisy or calling out her in any of the social media platforms. I have seen so many covid moral policing posts here, but none of the discussions ever mentioned her name. We are even discussing about Alia not posting any Maldives photos, but why nobody mentioning about Shraddha. Is it really bcoz of all the people on social media are unaware of Shraddha's vacationing in Maldives?? Or bcoz of her PR image of the most unproblematic celebrity, we choose to ignore her hypocrisy??

Women seem completely unaware of how selective they are, and Men seem to fall to the victim mentality too easy

To sway away from the tired "women have it easier / men have it harder" dating posts, I'm noticed what I believe is the root cause - complete lack of perspective for both genders due to being blinded by each genders own frustrating experiences.

*note this does not apply to everyone, as I've noticed most people don't follow the patterns I'm about to explain, but enough do to call attention to it.

The common complaint I hear from some women, both on here and in real life amongst coworkers and friends over the past 12 years is around inability to find a decent, normal guy for a potential relationship. Delving into things a little deeper, however, I find a very important but missing distinction - that "decent, normal guy" only becomes applicable after a large amount of men are filtered out - i.e. they are supposedly "implied" factors that have to be met. furthermore, these factors eliminate the vast vast majority of men (I'd say 90-95% based on my personal experience) I've literally sat down and helped female friends that had these complaints through their online dating profiles, tried to set them up with others, only to have them be incredibly incredibly selective prior to even considered whom they want to go out with to give a chance. here is my takeaway - it's fine to be selective and you can have your preferences, but you are misconstruing a huge reason why you are having dating troubles - or not providing the whole picture. the male friends I have helped are not even close to as selective - often as long as the girl is nice, intelligent, and average-ish looking they are more than happy to go on date ('d say probably 80% of the women I try to set up me male friends with they go on dates with, as opposed to 20-25% with my female friends). This comes across as incredibly incongruent to a lot of men and is what I believe a source of a lot of frustration.

And men on here keep falling to the victim mentality too easily. I know its 2021 and we would all love for both genders to take an equal initiative, but unfortunately it is the job for men to do most of the "grunt" work - in terms of taking chances, getting rejected, improving themselves. The burden of performance is on men, and part of that is getting rejected constantly, refining, improving, etc. Most men IMO give up too easily without giving it an honest effort. Newsflash - unless you look like chris hemsworth, 90%+ of women will not be into you, and that's ok! it's not a reflection of your self wor

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Opinion: Tory MP’s bill to ban sex-selective abortion is the stinking albatross Erin O’Toole was warned about theglobeandmail.com/opini…
Immortals Fenyx Rising | Masquerade Repack | Selective Download | From 13.7GB
Selective memory
Selective enforcement of the law at its finest.
Selective Memory I Guess πŸ€”πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ twitter.com/klchouinard/s…
BTC Energy consumption is selective nonsense when regarded in context.

For context, the 4.6bn streams of "Despacito" used as much electricity as the combined annual electricity consumption of Chad, Guinea-Bissau, Somalia, Sierra Leone and the Central African Republic. If we are going to castrate Bitcoin, cloud computing, Google, and Amazon need inclusion too.

Lets also emphasize here this is for a MUSIC VIDEO and just one of millions of millions of YouTube videos. Sure, I liked the song…but nothing transactional, financial, or worthy of such energy consumption was achieved per these billions of streams.

And what about Netflix, Facebook, or cable news? Someone have numbers on any of these?

Sorry, but the sole focus on Bitcoin is frankly selective at best. Sure it may not be the most energy efficient system but like most other things it will improve with time. While you could argue this conversation at least sped up the timeline to efficiency, let’s not overreact in the interim.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue (MULTi5) [FitGirl Repack, Selective Download] from 5.3 GB
Selective hearing

Me, standing next to my toddler, repeating at normal volume: β€œGet your shoes on please.” Toddler: no reaction, as if I had not even spoken.

In a different room, muttering under my breath just once: β€œWhat the fuck!” Toddler: β€œWHAT THE FUCK! WHAT THE FUCK!” πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Conservative leader Erin O'Toole confirms that free vote is allowed on MP Cathay Wagantall's β€˜sex-selective abortion’ bill nationalnewswatch.com/202…
People are less willing to share information that contradicts their pre-existing political beliefs and attitudes, even if they believe the information to be true. The phenomenon, selective communication, could be reinforcing political echo chambers. psypost.org/2021/01/scien…
when you don’t get any team card from the diamond selective pack

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