Firefighters use wetting agents to make water wetter. The chemicals reduce the surface tension of plain water so it’s easier to spread and soak into objects, which is why it’s known as β€œwet water.”…
While the Venus Flytrap is available all over the world through cultivation, it only grows naturally in a small area of the coastal plain in North and South Carolina.…
The name of "Germany" in the Navajo language means "Metal Cap-wearer Land", referencing the distinctive wartime steel helmets. In Plains Cree, it is "Among the Steel Helmets", and in Lakota, it is "Bad Speaker Land".…
Today I learned of the Great bison belt. A tract of grassland that ran from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico around 9000 BCE, which allowed the bison to outlive other Ice Age animals and let the animal become the staple food of the Plains Paleo-Indians…
Eleanor Roosevelt was painfully shy and insecure. Her socialite mother teased her about her appearance by calling her "Granny." Teddy Roosevelt's wife Edith said, "She is very plain, her mouth and teeth have no future."…
There are around 800 European Bison living in BiaΕ‚owieΕΌa Forest, one of the largest and last remaining parts of the primeval forest that once stretched across the European Plain.…
The USA used to have a colorful, cold weather parrot known as the Carolina Parakeet that lived throughout the Midwest, Plains and Eastern States. It became categorized as extinct in 1920. Deforestation, hunting, and its use in fashion killed it off.
The Wettest Inhabited Place on Earth is in Mawsynram in India. Moisture swept from the Bay of Bengal, condenses over this 1,491m plateau, in the Khasi Hills that overlook the plains of Bangladesh. The result is an astonishing average annual rainfall of 11,871 mm (467.35”).…
Native Americans only used tipi’s if living on the Great Plains and Canadian Prairies. Other tribes like the Cherokee made rudimentary houses from the more wooded areas in which they dwelled. β€œTipi” and β€œTeepee” are both considered correct.
Why do Americans think that white people in America are just plain white with no racial or ethnic background?

I wasn't sure how exactly to ask this or word it. I just started randomly thinking about this so please no hate. Okay here goes.

Our skin complexions vary but ultimately we are all either some shade of white, brown, yellow, black.

Why are White Americans only acknowledged by their skin color as if that is all they are? It seems like people forget that white people are more than just a skin color and forget that being white is not their race. I've never met a single person in my life who was not made up of multiple ethnicities no matter their skin tone.

I made different colors for the firework rockets instead of just plain red
Ted Cruz's claims about undocumented people getting $1,400 stimulus checks were shot down by Dick Durbin as 'just plain false'…
The earliest description of mounting masts and sails on large land vehicles is from 6th century China. In the 19th century, "windwagons" were occasionally used for transport across the American great plains…
A splash of purple in the plains.
I'll never understand the popularity of plain white keycap sets
It's been a year, if you sl refuse to wear a mask you're just plain fucking stupid.

Edit 3: Okay now, so some people literally sent me texts saying i should kill myself and stuff for saying what i think about a certain group of people? I swear to god you all NEED to grow up and stop making everything political ffs! This is a subreddit for speaking about what we want isn't it? No matter how different it is from your opinion, you all should be ashamed of yourselves seriously to think you have the right to harass people just because they don't agree to your agenda!! I'm not even American I don't give a shit about your politics okay?? What I said is about public health, get it? You people from r/NoNewNormal need to get mental help, it's not okay to threaten people just because you think you're right. Like wtf people? What does wearing a mask have to do with freedom huh? You just like to be against common sense, and call everyone a "sheep" and stuff, i know you think your government sucks, idk much about it as I'M NOT AMERICAN. But this is not that okay? If you think what I said offended you for god knows why reason just downvote it and scroll by! Or is that taking away your freedom too? Ffs

People have to go out, there is work there is things to be bought, etc.. in my case because school is shut down we go to teachers in public centers for this kind of stuff (not all of them went online) So here i am, wearing my mask and trying to stay away from people, forced to sit in a room with 20+ people close to each other and only 4 are wearing masks! And thats the case everywhere! I rarely see one now and it just.. angers me. I can't imagine catching this shit because of some entitled idiot that i have no idea how are they even in school if they're that stupid, and the only time i've seen a teacher talk about this he literally said "i don't care whether you wear a mask or not" like dude.. i seriously hope you get it because you just encouraged all the idiots in front of you to risk their health and everyone around them. And because this year will decide what college i'll go to and it's too late now to change teachers because they're all ahead of this idiot and i'll miss a lot so i have to continue.. honestly this pandemic made it VERY clear on who has a working brain and who barely has 2 brain cells.

Edit: Wow, you guys seriously surprised me i didn't think many of you were here on this sub lol, i made my statement clear, and i made it even clearer in my replies down there, i won't reply to any of you again because it's pointless, you call science w

... keep reading on reddit ➑

Plain potatoes versus Sprint lady
Horses evolved on the great plains of North America. They migrated across the Bering land bridge to Asia, and all remaining horses died out in America. When the Spanish brought horses with them in the 16th century, they were returning them to their native ranges.…
My hike to an abandoned plain crash in Maggie valley NC
The Northern Great Plains was home to many fortified Native American towns, beginning in the 800s and existing all the way until the 1880s. These towns had over a thousand residents and a plaza centric layout. These were sedentary towns where people lived year-round.…
This body shape is just so unnatural. That camel-toe is plain offensive.
You did what over plain text?!

I was the IT director for a medium manufacturing company. However the owner fancied himself very skilled in the computers.

I was doing Yee random work when I found myself browsing the company website, (not something I do very often) when I am immediatly confused.

Our website is nice. It is very modern and updated. Not like it was the last time I checked. The confusing part.... I wasn't aware of a website update or change.

Checking out the website, I first noticed it was http, gross. But honestly we have an address and some pictures on our website, so who cares.

Did I mention it was upgraded? Turns out we now accept orders on our website for some of our more unique products.... Very fast and easy, put in your address, what you want, and your credit card data..... In our nice new fancy http website........

Never jumped out of my seat faster, mind racing with all of the lawsuits about to hit our desk...thank God we provided crap products, and almost no one ordered from us.

Addon: yes the owner had organized the update with a company that really should have known better. And after multiple months of working on this, never once felt the need to advise his head of IT. Cuz he understands computers and he has it all under control.

I Don’t Think it’s Just Plain Old Greed

I think the average Joe is tired. They’ve been told their businesses are closed by guys with tailored suits and $300 haircuts. They get charged $35 by the bank if they’re $0.25 short. They see the price of gas go up from more taxes and their suspension is shot from the potholes. They see their elected officials making six figures and taking another month of vacation. They see the angry old rich guy saying they don’t deserve it. They see their kids’ swing sets get padlocked at the local park. They see another billionaire claiming zero income. They see the price of housing skyrocket farther out of reach. They see another rich guy buy a judge for a lesser sentence. They see a constant barrage of ads for things they can’t afford. They avoid the hospitals for fear of bankruptcy. They pay for college for half their life. They live in third-world countries with little chance out. They wonder what kind of life their kids will have. They see the homeless dying of OD’s on the streets.

They’ve been taking to the streets all year. They’re pent up. They finally see a chance. They have a glimmer of hope, a way out of the mud. They see a lotto ticket with a real chance of payout. They don’t know the rules. They don’t know the consequences. They just want a taste. They just want a piece. They want to feel like they finally won one just this once. They’re begging and praying for it, please, just this once.

This is so much more than good and bad tokenomics. This is so much more than with or without utility. This is a reflection of the current state. This is a dream, a chance, their one big shot. This is an uprising.

I think there’s a real good chance a lot of them are gonna get burned and that’s sad. But there’s no stopping it now. I hope they get some. I hope they get to enjoy the taste of that dream. I hope they see the green and it lights a fire in them. I hope if they lose it, they get determined to go get it back. I’m rooting for the average Joe. I hope they get theirs.

It’s just plain bullying
Plain Salt Chips Are The Best Chips || Retail Revolution…
How do I tell my husband that calling service workers, cleaners, etc "The Help" is outdated, classist and just plain wrong

Husband grew up priveleged little white boy. I did not. He grew up in white-collar, suburban Akron Ohio, and I grew up blue-collar in Chicago. He likes to imagine himself as a "good liberal" but I can usually see through this bullshit by certain actions, attitudes, and terminology he uses. To my standards, he's not. One of these things is his use of the term "the help" when referring to store employees, waitstaff, cleaners, etc. This is enraging to me. I know from his own descriptions that his adoptive parents were snobs (both dead, never met them, thank God) and I'm sure he learned and perpetuates this term from them.

How do I go about explaining to him how infuriating and wrong it is to use this term? I feel hesitant to say anything because of my own "lower" class difference (even though he's technically broke, hasn't had a job in years, and I work full-time and am the provider, yet he's the "rich" guy), and that he'll whine or gaslight me and demand that I practically provide a dissertation why I'm bringing this up (he has an English degree, I do not).

Today my organisation’s IT department asked for our passwords in plain text.

So how’s your day going?

I just successfully warrantied a pair of socks that I bought in 2013. Darn tough... BIFL, plain and simple

I've worn this "Darn Tough" pair of socks for about 2-3 days per week pretty consistently since 2013(for work).

They finally developed some small holes in them, and thin wear spots. Truth be told the holes were small and in a non critical area. But I was like hell, I might as well give this fabled warranty a try.

The form asked when I bought them so I kinda rolled my eyes and assumed I might end up with a prorated amount. I mailed them off for inspection and waited. Well fast forward a few weeks and I get an email with my warranty.

23$. A full refund for current MSRP of socks in 2021. Plus free shipping when I use it to check out.

Honestly a pair of high quality socks(that actually come in a real size... not "size 6-12") that you can't wear out, and get a full refund for, and made in America? Shit, what more can you ask for?

I feel like most people lose their socks before they burn holes in them for a chance to warranty them, but regardless. Their warranty is legit. A warranty for socks, a hell of time to be alive... hell of a time.

(EDIT... also an aptly named company)

Seneca once sat through the half time at a gladiatorial fight, the time when the bloodiest spectacles usually took place. He expected staged fights with blunt swords but instead described the specacle as "plain butchery", and adviced his friend never to attend the games…
Former President & First Lady Rosalynn Carter welcome President & Dr Biden at the Carter’s home in Plains, GA.
Day-old plain boiled potato eaten in bed like an apple
Plain atrocious
Place names that contain the word 'Peak', 'Mountain', 'Ridge', 'Plain' and 'Field' in the United States
UGLIEST equipment and gear that isn't even cool, just plain UGLY
Using the hoe on the plains.
Hiding in Plain sight?
Getting assassinated by someone you can see, plain as day, in the middle of a fight is straight up ruining this game.

Every melee turns into this stupid fuckfest of everyone just trying to get around behind everyone else.

If it's a STEALTH approach, and I don't see the person, then okay, but if it's someone I was just fighting with and they got around behind my back they should be able to hit me NOT assassinate me. ESPECIALLY if they aren't Marianne.

Come on.

While you guys were busy building fancy castles, we brought 5G coverage to the plains.
[Reading FC]: All at <insert club> condemn the vile, abhorrent, cowardly and plain racist abuse of <insert player> on <insert social media platform> during last night’s game. It’s all too familiar, isn't it? But we cannot let it become acceptable. We are disgusted. Enough. Is. Enough.…
Just plain result from a mix of 16:8 and OMAD. No restrictions! I sl eat rice by the way because I’m Filipino. πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ I’m in Philly right now and I can also finish two cheesesteaks during OMAD! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ 2 years and I lost 75 LBS on IF.
The plains of death. Surrounded and outnumbered. Portal smashed to bits. A hand full of arrows and a poison bombs. The fight to the bitter end.
Crazy idea for a metagame: "Shedinja'd." Unplayable or just plain old insane?

Basically, all pokemon get Shedinja'd. Their HP is reduced to 1 and they gain Wonder Guard in addition to their existing abilities. I can tell you right now Magic Guard will be banneded. So will trapping moves and abilities.

Revision #1: Mold Breaker only works on the innate ability of the pokemon. So for example, an earthquake from Excadrill would hit Rotom, but an Iron Head would not.

Revision #2: To avoid endless battles, the player with the most pokemon alive after 30 turns wins.

Edit Revision #3: Magic guard is not banned, but clefable and alakazam are. Sigilyph is your new emperor.

Likely staples:
Sturdy (potentially bannable)
Heavy Duty Boots
Focus Sash
Lum Berry
Stealth Rock
Toxic/Will o wisp/Leech Seed
Pokemon immune to Toxic/Will o wisp/Leech Seed
Pokemon with few weaknesses
Fast Pokemon with a lot of coverage moves

Forgot to make sure I had enough plain chocolate for my babkas, and thus the Mexican hot chocolate babka was born
Today I learned about the Guitar Forest in Argentina: Pedro Martin Ureta created a piece of land art so that it could be viewed from an airplane. It turns out that it is visible from space, too. In the fertile lowland plains of Argentina (the Pampas), a guitar-shaped forest grows amidst the farmland.…
This plain no frills Dominos pizza box forsakes otherwise excessive printing costs so to reduce pizza prices for the customer
Is Ted Cruz dumb or is he just plain dumber?
American Mastodons walking across a plain on a rainy day (Art by Corbin Rainbolt).

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