Feel like Sarah is encouraging diet culture by releasing her ebook on the 1st of Jan. Other fitness petiole I follow keep trying to steer people away from the 1st of jan/new year pressure. :(
Take no 2 for petioles depth and moss pole placement! (decided to move it today rather than wait as I was concerned) reddit.com/gallery/rp4g6t
Sugary exudate at the base of the petioles in 𝘍𝘒𝘨𝘳𝘒𝘦𝘒 𝘀𝘦π˜ͺ𝘭𝘒𝘯π˜ͺ𝘀𝘒 - extrafloral nectary?
Anyone have an idea what kind of philo this is? It was sold to me as a philodendron mamei aff. but it looks more like a pastazanum because of the round petioles reddit.com/gallery/rg3u1l
look at what i found in the banana stem or rather petiole. it's a Kaloula pulchra aka malayan bullfrog
Plam frond petiole base looks like lungs
Is there something wrong with my Paraiso Verde? These look like little punctures with transpiration moisture, but is it normal or caused by a pest? It’s on the new growth and the older petioles. Additionally, how do I get the variegation back to creamy, as opposed to mottled green and yellow? reddit.com/gallery/rtxuu0
Have: cream splash, fuzzy petiole, melano, rayii & campo, ISO & more in description πŸ–€ reddit.com/gallery/rfu5gr
these photos are 5 hours apart, I love how much the petioles move and rock when unfurling a new baby reddit.com/gallery/s0ffyd
What happens when the new growth of a head cutting of a plant starts to rot while it's sl in the petiole of the other leaf? Will the plant get a new growth point by itself or do I have to do something? Like pulling the rotting leaf out of the petiole or so?
Petiole fascicle for Hosta plantaginea with iodine and alaun carmin staining
New to me Dendrochilum. I'm assuming that these new growths are bulbs? It looks like there are old flower spikes that originated at the base of the petiole if that's the correct term, online photos look to confirm this. Also, this has been always watered from the top, some sites say bottom watering? reddit.com/gallery/rnibje
What is causing yellowing petioles and leaf drop on my Owari Satsumas? imgur.com/a/ywYwCbJ
Is the petiole buried too deep? More info in comments. reddit.com/gallery/s040i6
[US] [TRADE] Have: p. Silver stripe, p. Ornatum cf, p. Fuzzy petiole, p. Campo ISO: dragon scale pup & more in comments reddit.com/gallery/rhu1fz
Anyone know what these odd growths are on the petioles of my begonia? I've had it for about a year, and they seem to be appearing on the older leaves (begonia rex sp. 'cancun christmas' if that helps) reddit.com/gallery/rl24lj
This is Maverick's Syngonium - named after the Jack Russell who kindly provided me with a chewing (cutting with itchy teeth) in March 2020. This summer it is really exploding, new leaves forming on multiple petioles.
would anyone happen to know why my philodendron white princess randomly started separating its petioles from the sheaths? it has continued growing with no issues but I just noticed the change and wasn’t sure if I should be concerned or not?
Not sure if these are considered rare anymore but is this a Philo. Florida green? The tag says: β€œpedatum (red petiole)” but the petiole is definitely bumpy unlike my actual pedatum. reddit.com/gallery/qxtqfm
I’m about to learn something here. One white petiole? Is this a common thing? reddit.com/gallery/qx02cu
look at what i found in the banana stem or rather petiole. it's a Kaloula pulchra aka malayan bullfrog
Monstera fell over and I had to trim one of the petioles. About a month later I think a leaf is growing out of it!
I repotted my monstera a couple weeks ago because I thought it was too high in the soil. I’ve since learned the petioles need to be out of the soil to prevent rot. They weren’t that far under, maybe a couple centimeters or so but my question is are they enough out of the soil?
Can anyone identify this plant? This came up from a 2 inch pot of 'String of Spades' I received as a cutting and I just noticed it in my prop box. Looks like Cymbalaria muralis but the petioles/stems are green v. reddish. Is it a keeper for a terrarium? Thx!!!
How much r/Petioles is helpful?

Hi everyone,

I want to discuss how much do you think seeing this sub frequently can help us achieve our goals of abstinence of weed. I'm questioning myself this because I see this sub very often, and the more I see the more I think about weed, and I think it leads me to crave it more. In the beginning I can say it was helpful for not feeling alone in this struggle to stop the addiction and side effects, I learned a lot with other people experiences, but I feel like somehow this sub have turned into another sort of addictive behavior. Have anyone here already thought about this? I feel the same for other recovery subs, but want to limit the discussion to this sub.

Edit: just highlighting a question I made in the comments: Can constantly thinking about weed, talking about it, even sober, be another form of staying attached to it?

The seller from indonesia gave me this anthurium magnificum as a freebie to all my orders, i trimmed a petiole that looks like a flower? Im not sure tho (swipe for more pictures) and im thinking to cut all its leaves, is it the best thing to do? If not please help reddit.com/gallery/qxmgo7
Need ID of this plant please. He is tall, handsome and hairy everywhere...leaves and petioles. The undersides of the leaves feel like velvet. He's one of my favorites. reddit.com/gallery/rbfa2w
How do you pronounce Petioles?




I didn’t know and cut the petiole of the newest leaf of my Monstera. Is it a goner without the growth point? I’m devastated. :( reddit.com/gallery/rdl9cs
Selling Syngonium Erythrophyllum Llano Carti Road, Monstera Siltepecana, Hoya Balaensis, Hoya Minibelle, Hoya Paziae, Dischidia Lanceleota and Philodendron sp. Fuzzy Petiole reddit.com/gallery/ru5tyd
Alocasia augustiana This alocasia is from Papua New Guinea was first published in Ill. Hort. 33:61 (1886) L'Illustration Horticole. Ghent & Brussels. With the description - dark green leaves and petioles with either green or rose colored with brown patterns reddit.com/gallery/rqgq9m
What is wrong with my alocasia cuprea?! All the leaf stems/petioles are all weird and growing downwards? reddit.com/gallery/qrawkw
Is this hoya lauterbachii? It has fuzzy leaves and fuzzy stem+petiole.
Hi guys! I recently got this as a Pastazanum but was wondering if it could be a Dean McDowell instead because of the long streaks on thr petioles, edges on leaf is pinkish and the cataphyll is red. But the frill in the back connecting the petiole and leaf is mostly green. Maybe I could wait out for reddit.com/gallery/qpi32a
(US) Selling some philodendron calkins gold, fuzzy petiole, subhastatum. Shipping from NY imgur.com/a/R7oi5pa
Do you think it has some petiole rot? reddit.com/gallery/qeq3l3
Where do new leaves emerge on a monstera? I see a few baby leaves on my plant coming from what I believe are petioles but would I see them emerge from any other spots?
Can someone help me ID this plant? It has a long petiole like an alocasia, the leaf texture reminds me of the epiprinum pinnatum. I’m at a loss. Lady at the store said stingray and I just know that isn’t right.
Teeny-tiny Philodendron Fuzzy Petiole and even smaller Philodendron Prince of Orange
Who has the ruffled petiole? Mamei or Plowmanii?

I keep reading mixed information on this. I’ve seen articles saying Mamei doesn’t have ruffled petioles, meanwhile there are sellers claiming their Mamei is a true Mamei because of the ruffled petioles. Becca from de La plants shows her Mamei in her videos and it also has ruffled petioles. So who dunnit?

Would appreciate guidance on transferring this boi to soil please? If it’s deep enough to cover both root sources, would the petiole that starts lower be too deep in soil? reddit.com/gallery/q473fo
Trying to understand crystallinums. From my understanding, most are hybrids of some kind? If you have one with a D shaped petiole then that’s definitely a hybrid? Is it most likely crossed with magnificum? And does crystal x mag get bigger than a regular crystal?
hi! does anyone know what this is? it has fuzzy petioles reddit.com/gallery/qt5egm

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