Turning a background reference into a multimedia franchise
My first multimedia piece. Im very excited about it, thought you all would like to see it! v.redd.it/yqcwz9p0qst61
SQL Injection Vulnerability in Multimedia Console and the Media Streaming Add-On: Please update Multimedia Console and Media streaming Add-on

There is a new vulnerability being exploited. We have very recently made a patch but it is so new that many people may not be updated yet.


There is also a vulnerability in HBS3 so we highly recommend updating that as well.


We also highly recommend updating malware remover and run it.

" Summary

An SQL injection vulnerability has been reported to affect QNAP NAS running Multimedia Console or the Media Streaming add-on.

If exploited, the vulnerability allows remote attackers to obtain application information.

We have already fixed this vulnerability in the following versions of Multimedia Console and the Media Streaming add-on.

  • QTS 4.3.3: Media Streaming add-on 430.1.8.10 and later
  • QTS 4.3.6: Media Streaming add-on 430.1.8.8 and later
  • QTS 4.4.x and later: Multimedia Console 1.3.4 and later

We have also fixed this vulnerability in the following versions of QTS 4.3.3 and QTS 4.3.6, respectively:

  • QTS Build 20210416 or later
  • QTS Build 20210322 or later


To fix the vulnerability, we recommend updating Multimedia Console or the Media Streaming add-on to the latest version. Additionally for devices running QTS 4.3.3 and QTS 4.3.6, updating QTS is highly recommended."


I also want to mention that it is very easy to use a qlink to access your NAS remotely without the need for port forwarding. It is much harder for people to attack your NAS when ports are not exposed. And this is very easy to set up.


I mentioned qlink first because of how easy it is to set up and use. But you can also use QVPN to make your NAS into a VPN server to access remotely through a VPN tunnel. This is generally an even better solution.


And we have QuFirewal to add protection if you have more ports to the internet.

And it is generally helpful to keep your firmware up to date.


If you get infected, please update Malware remover and run it right away before the encryption has finished. Don't turn off or restart your

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I refurbished a nearly 20 year old Microsoft Natural MultiMedia Keyboard! reddit.com/gallery/mxghry
The current β€œIdeal Romance” for straight males in Japanese nerd culture, as popularized by the β€œOther World” syfy genre (Source : Raphtalia from Shield Hero multimedia franchise)
The Rise and Fall of Multimedia Gaming Devices

Practically since game consoles started using CD Drives, there's been a push towards making them multimedia devices, from the earliest days of doubling as a Music CD player, to the 6th Generation (PS2/XBOX Era) introducing DVD Playback. The 7th Generation was perhaps the most expansive in terms of multimedia devices with the likes of the XBOX 360, Wii, PS3, and handheld consoles Nintendo DS and PSP offering support for a wide variety of multimedia formats, including multiple digital audio, video, and photo options, theme options, as well as the hardware capabilities to play things like DVDs, Blu-Rays, and special media formats (such as PSP's UMD Video Discs).

Since the 7th Generation came and went though, there's not been any real innovation or further push. There were some hold-overs in the 8th Gen with multimedia capabilities, but these systems were no longer really marketed as all-in-one devices (Remember the PS3 tagline "It only does everything"). By the time we get to the modern consoles, we have already largely seen an abandonment of these devices as multimedia platforms.

It's easy to lay the cause of this as being the near ubiquitous nature of smartphones in our modern landscape. After all, having an all-in-one app-friendly device in the palm of your hand is extremely hard to compete with for it's convenience, and instead of trying to create multiple multi-media platforms, Console makers have doubled down on where they can compete against mobile, the actual games. Multimedia functionality has largely been supplanted by mobile and social media integration.

We very quickly moved past the first decade of the 2000s where we would watch digital MP4s on our home consoles, or carry our MP3 library in our PSPs. The matter of convenience is a nearly impossible battle to win against with consumers. Why have half a dozen devices to do different things when you only need one or two?

Where do you feel the future of multimedia gaming devices lie? Is there still room for home consoles and handhelds to have multimedia functionality? Is there still a sizeable demand for such features outside of old fogeys like me with their nostalgia goggles on? What are your thoughts?

Future multimedia events ideas - Discussion

So I recently finished Time Lord Victorious and personally I really enjoyed it (being fortunate enough to be able to consume the majority of the content). I did like how it all connected but agree with the general consensus that aspect could have been done better. But as a first attempt at something like this I thought it was decent.

It got me thinking of potential future multimedia events they could do and expand on ideas in particular eras. I kept it down to new who Doctors (to appeal to the masses) and thought mostly for the 11th and 12th Doctors (10 had TLV and 9 and 8 were quite connected to that so.... and 13 is still on going).

I would also say such events should only occur when, or more realistically if, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi ever return to say Big Finish. Though with how involved David was with TLV perhaps that isn't a necessity?

So for 11, I thought simply expand upon the whole silence arc. Although it was completed, perhaps someway it could be expanded upon, culminating in the trenzalore we saw (perhaps the original conception of that idea?) Or even how the original timeline seen in NotD did happen but was diverted by something more than just 11 getting more regenerations that we would witness in such an event?

How it could be done or the story I don't know lol so throwing that one out there

For 12 I struggled a bit as to me nothing stuck out as being unresolved that could warrant such an event.

So perhaps something completely new all together instead of expanding on a previous idea, with there being so many clear gaps between capaldi series' it would be easy to fit in. The same could be suggested for 11 as well really.

And of course these events would involve multi Doctors. So maybe 11 with 7 and 2? Or 12 with 6 and 3. Dunno just spitballing there haha.

And to make it even more connected with different licences they could connect and bring in other spin offs? Say tie in the BF Unit series? Or Torchwood? River Song and the Paternoster Gang? The Master? Possibilities there are endless with the amount of "spin-offs" there are!

Anyway would love to know people's thoughts on this. Any ideas you may have for future events revolving around 11 or 12 (or any Doctor for that matter) or how my suggestion for 11s Silence event could work?

Look forward to reading and discussing your ideas fellow fans πŸ˜€

Scott Pilgrim: A Multimedia Masterpiece
$b/gram/quarantinebrain multimedia piece. Kill yourself influenced.
With all the ransomware attacks, I highly recommend removing Multimedia Console and stop using QNAP software you don't need.

Multimedia Console is not needed at all, especially when there are much, much better alternatives out there, such as Plex. QNAP removed Multimedia Console from QTS and made it an app in the App Center instead, so it can now be uninstalled. The downside, Multimedia Console will automatically re-install itself at each reboot of your QNAP device.

Until QNAP stops automatically re-installing this crapware, I am utilizing a script to automatically re-uninstall it after reboots. The script runs when Entware initializes, which is after Multimedia Console has been automatically re-installed by QTS. I utilized the autorun built into Entware so that I could also leverage my installed opkg packages for my autorun scripts. Entware can be installed from the QNAP Club repo through the App Center.

The script can be found here:

  • https://www.reddit.com/r/qnap/comments/mtgtcm/how_do_i_prevent_multimedia_console_from/

Another user also posted a script he uses on his QNAP for the same purpose, just a different approach to the same thing. You can find his script in the comments of the same post here:

  • https://www.reddit.com/r/qnap/comments/mtgtcm/how_do_i_prevent_multimedia_console_from/gv14dc7/

For reference, by QNAP's own admission, they believe that Multimedia Console is the attack vector being compromised by hackers to gain entry to your QNAP device:

  • https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/massive-qlocker-ransomware-attack-uses-7zip-to-encrypt-qnap-devices/

The relevant excerpt:

> QNAP fixed these two vulnerabilities on April 16th with the following descriptions: > > * CVE-2020-2509: Command Injection Vulnerability in QTS and QuTS hero > * CVE-2020-36195: SQL Injection Vulnerability in Multimedia Console and the Media Streaming Add-On > > More information about these vulnerabilities can be found in a blog post by the SAM Seamless Network research team who disclosed the bugs to QNAP. > > QNAP told BleepingComputer that they believe Qlocker exploits the CVE-2020-36195 vulnerability to execute the ransomware on vulnerable devices.

While they may have patched it, why take the chance that they've patched all the exploits on this software that's inferior to better 3rd-party offerings out there? I for one am not taking the chance.

Another example of QNAP's negligence here is with the HBS 3 Hybrid Backup Sync app. **They actually had a backdoor account built into the application

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Communications and Multimedia Minister Saifuddin Abdullah has tested positive for COVID-19
I guess I'll just not watch the race, thanks. F1TV owes every customer a refund and to not be charged un we can get more than 1 event with zero technical issues. This is not a revolutionary service that F1TV is providing, the multimedia streaming space is pretty well defined at this point.

Pretty much just the title.

Super annoyed.

About the recent Multimedia Console / 7zip global ransomware attack - I got away, how?

Hi guys,

I'm no expert on the matter and I'm sharing my experience to hopefully help someone and also get some advice from you guys.

I did follow some safety advices when I first setup my QNAP:

  • Admin user was disabled (now I went ahead and removed access rights as well, just in case)
  • Blocking IP on failed attempts to log in (I was initially blocking for 5min, but now is permanent)
  • Use complex passwords
  • Leave QNAP off if we are not using it
  • Antivirus enabled
  • I don't leave apps installed that I don't use
  • Firmware and apps always up to date

Having said that, recently I forgot my QNAP on for almost a week without touching it. Then today (25-Apr) I was looking into some files and realised the "!!!READ_ME.txt" on some folders and got the beautiful message that you already know by now:

>!!! All your files have been encrypted !!!
>All your files were encrypted using a private and unique key generated for the computer. This key is stored in our server and the only way to receive your key and decrypt your files is making a Bitcoin payment.
>To purchase your key and decrypt your files, please follow these steps:
>1. Dowload the Tor Browser at "https://www.torproject.org/". If you need help, please Google for "access onion page".
>2. Visit the following pages with the Tor Browser:
>3. Enter your Client Key:

The file is dated as of 21-Apr, created by user Admin (!!! that was disabled !!!).

Then checking for login attempts, there were attempts dated back to 7-Apr with the same two IP addresses!

I don't know if these login attempts and the actual attack are related, but I'm freaking out about security now.

Luckily none of my files are encrypted (and I have a backup anyway), but I am now worried my data is being collected.

I just increased the ban in IP addresses and unchecked the "Allow SSH connection".

All I need is local connection to my NAS. All I use it for is for photo editing and occasionally PLEX.


  1. Can someone explain why (gladly) my files were not encrypted?
  2. Are there any further steps that could take to secure my NAS and prevent this from happening?

Thanks everyone.

edit: questions / formating

edit2: I DID GET EXPOSED. Searching for .7z files, I had over 5000 files encrypted.

RIP Clone Wars Multimedia Project, and now "Kanan" as well
Multimedia pack question

I am considering buying the multimedia back and then restarting the game to play with that. Is it worth the money?

IK Multimedia Amplitube [5.0.2] Crack With Keygen Free Download 2021 crackhub.org/ik-multimedi…
Multimedia server with watch party feature.

As far as I know, Emby server, jellyfish(Edit: I'm checking it again), and Plex don't support syncplay.


I guess my research skills are really bad, since Plex has this function and it works just fine. For future reference, jellyfish may have it too. It worth looking into it.

Studio Apartment Set by Jennifer Strings; Stop Motion Animation, multimedia. v.redd.it/u9d5zzhddbz61
Readers complain about "TV/Movie synergy" ruining comics, but what are the good cases of synergy? What parts of comics were more like their multimedia adaptation and were better for it? The Weekly Recs Thread [03/21/21]

Yeah sometimes you're reading a comic and all of a sudden one of the characters gets a complete personality change that goes against their entire history you loved, or a character is forced to become relevant because they were in a big production even if it doesn't make sense. But sometimes that's not the case! Some changes are good! Do you know any of them you're actually happy for?

For more recs, check out last week's women's history month thread about favourite female creators.

Lightsaber duels between women? (Multimedia)

Just curious about something: what were the first lightsaber duels between women in the different Star Wars media and Legends continuity?

I think for canon animation it's Ahsoka and Luminara vs. Asajj in that season 1 episode, and in live-action it's Ahsoka vs. the Magistrate in Mandalorian season 2 (not exactly a lightsaber duel, but close enough)

I couldn't think of any other precedents in the games, but maybe the comics? The old EU novels?

Google One failed to restore my MMS (multimedia messages) /r/AndroidQuestions/comme…
Writing my dissertation for my Multimedia Journalism degree about 'old media' in a digital age. If you could spare 5-10 mins to fill out a questionnaire to help me, I would be so grateful! forms.gle/qA6inkefz1g3id8…
Why are all purchasable cars multimedia ugly as hell?

They are all full of vibrant colors and LEDs, with shitty arial fonts, poorly designed and very exaggerated sometimes, it does not match with the car interior at all. I was trying to buy one that looks more minimalistic and discreet but it’s impossible to find one like that. It looks cringe sometimes. (Sorry for any english mistakes Im still learning lol)

Is a career in Multimedia Design worth it?

I'm currently wanting to pursue diploma in multimedia design that involves drawing digital work and 3d modelling (Maybe some game design).

I graduated SPM last year and due to covid could not go to KL for studies, but now I decided with vaccinations right around the corner, I might ask some of you who have studied in multimedia design or are working in the industry right now to know what to expect and gain some info about the industry

Digital artists of malaysia, is it worth pursuing? How about the job opportunities? How is it like to work as a digital artist/designer or make 3D models for games and other jobs In Malaysia (KL) ? What was the salary you started with and how much do you earn now?

I would appreciate it if you could answer some of my questions because I'm nervous and exited because I've always had an interest for digital art and I would love to listen to all of you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you will answer some of my questions because I am very nervous and worry that I'm not good enough or nobody thinks my art will be worth anything.

2Din Multimedia system upgrade on my 2017 Ford Focus Sedan 1.0 Ecoboost MT :) Looks and works great! reddit.com/gallery/moq4pa
Multimedia system temporarily unavailable - please help
Increase Multimedia control usability

I have KDE Connect and multimedia control enabled which basically gives me stop, start, pause and volume control as shown in the standard picture below.


If I want to control other items like subtitle delay or audio delay while watching a movie I need to leave this screen and enter the Remote input screen to enter a character to achieve this. I am using MPV as my player.

Is there a way to provide more controls on this screen or the ability to incorporate keyboard character sending? Has anyone found a better way to control MPV from Android?

IT 213- Multimedia & Webdesign Online or In person?

I have a choice to take IT 213 in person but its at a later time (5:55-7:10pm) and then lab right after. I don't know if I should I just take it online?????? Is it worth being in person??

Possible to connect Bobcat 300 to multimedia access point?

Greetings community,

I am living in a skyscraper with a big antenna on top of it. Everyone in the house got a multimedia access point, as shown on this website (examle): https://www.elektromax24.de/media/image/f7/26/cc/Triax-Sat-Antennensteckdose-GAD269LTE.jpg

Apparently the connection point provides digital radio, digital tv and satellite. From what I understand all providers disabled analogous radio and tv by 2018 in Germany. Thus only digital signals are transferred.

So from what I have seen the connection to the radio access looks like the connection for LoRa on the back of the bobcat 300 miner. The one where the antenna is usually connected to.

What I would like to know is if there is any possible way to connect the Bobcat Miner to the existing multimedia access point we got. I really have no idea on how these things work, however if its possible to use the big antenna we got I think it might be helpful. I just don't wanna have my bobcat miner heat up or anything.

Thus I am seeking help and knowledge of experienced users here.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Why you should try the Kagerou Project : an introduction to a multimedia series.

This review/recommendation is free of any spoilers. Any spoilers ahead will be under a spoiler'd text, and will be to help you keep up with the series. Also, it's the V2 of a previous post !

The Kagerou Project (Kagepro for short), is a multimedia series mainly directed by Jin and is born with its first song, Jinzou Enemy, on February, 17th 2011. The series first came out as songs, sung by vocaloids such as Hatsune Miku and IA, but quickly continued with a manga, a light novel, an OVA and an anime directed by Shaft studios. Those are NOT adaptations : the series continues through every media differently, in the same world, and every time you will get more information about the plot and understand bit by bit the characters. Most generally, the Kagerou project is a Mystery/Slice of Life/Supernatural-oriented series, but evolves a lot through every stage of the story, and features Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy and a tiny bit of Romance. The way the story evolves through every genre makes this classification really hard ! Warning : The story sometimes copes with darker themes and features some depressive or suicidal characters and a kind of "despair" atmosphere, so it won't be suitable for children (under 11) or those who are easily disturbed.

A synopsis that does not spoil anything is quite hard to come up with, but still, here's one I wrote (it will be under a spoiler tag in case you just want to try without knowing anything, which is the best way to start):

>!In midsummer, the 18-years old Hikikomori Kisaragi Shintarou is living his quiet life, only disturbed by a mysterious -and annoying- AI, Ene, which has been on his PC for a whole year. After an argument with her teasing him, he floods his keyboard and can't get one delivered, as it's the Obon holiday. Going out of his room for the first time in two years to a mall, beneath the burning sun of the city in summer, he runs into a group of shady teenagers, that save him when he gets into trouble. Joining them, Shintarou discovers the Mekakushi-Dan (Blindfold Gang) and the strange power within their red eyes... Every teenager has its own story to tell, and a special relationship to each other, but they all fight for the same reason : will they escape the fate awaiting them ?!<

I would recommend this series because :

  • The characters are charismatic, lovable and get each a solid background with character development, particularly in the LN.
  • The strong symbolism an
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World-Renowned Artist May Pang Presents John Lennon's Lost Weekend Experience, The "Walls and Bridges" NFT Collection, in Partnership with McCartney Multimedia and Oasis Digital Studios finance.yahoo.com/news/wo…
my first multimedia hoop 😊
yo, i made this for my multimedia coursework. syro is my most listened album by far. enjoy :^) v.redd.it/xc6l2w9nw1p61
I commissioned my best friend to make a drain baby plushie for me! She is a multimedia artist and works with paper, digital illustrations, clay, she sews and makes plushies like this as well! I’m really happy with the result! Her Instagram is @lk.illustration πŸ’–βœ¨ reddit.com/gallery/ma4zxg
How do I prevent Multimedia Console from automatically re-installing after a reboot?

I don't use any of the features of Multimedia Console and don't want it on my QNAP at all. I can uninstall it just fine, but after a reboot, Multimedia Console is automatically reinstalled. I currently have an autorun script set up to automatically re-uninstall the application after boot, but it's annoying that this is needed.

Is there a way to prevent this application from automatically reinstalling during the boot process?

For reference, this is the script I'm currently using to remove Multimedia Console (calliing the script below as part of my Entware autorun - /opt/Entware/etc/init.d/S01autorun.sh):

# Make a log file so QNAP scripts won't complain (since QNAP's uninstaller doesn't check if file exists
# before trying to write to it - QNAP FIX THIS)
if [ ! -d /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.system/log ]; then
    mkdir -p /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.system/log;
touch /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.system/log/MultimediaConsole.log

# Run the mmc package uninstall script

# Remove remaining mmc binary
if [ -f /mnt/HDA_ROOT/update_pkg/MultimediaConsole.bin ]; then
    rm /mnt/HDA_ROOT/update_pkg/MultimediaConsole.bin

# Remove mmc package config
/sbin/rmcfg MultimediaConsole -f /etc/config/qpkg.conf

# Remove broken symlinks - QNAP, FIX YOUR UNINSTALLER
if [ -L /mnt/ext/opt/medialibrary ] &amp;&amp; [ ! -e /mnt/ext/opt/medialibrary ]; then
    rm /mnt/ext/opt/medialibrary;

if [ -L /mnt/ext/opt/MultimediaConsole ] &amp;&amp; [ ! -e /mnt/ext/opt/MultimediaConsole ]; then
    rm /mnt/ext/opt/MultimediaConsole;

# Remove mmc cache
if [ -d /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.system/data/s00 ]; then
    rm -r /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.system/data/s00;

if [ -d /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.system/data/s01 ]; then
    rm -r /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.system/data/s01;

Edit: By the way, if anyone from QNAP finds this, your current .uninstall.sh script for Multimedia Console is not removing symlinks throughout the system. Please fix your script to remove these orphaned symlinks during uninstall. For example:

/mnt/ext/opt/medialibrary -&gt; /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/MultimediaConsole/medialibrary
/mnt/ext/opt/MultimediaConsole -&gt; /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/MultimediaConsole

The .uninstall.sh script also complains about a missing log file because the uninstaller doesn't look for it first, nor

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Any good 'Clone Wars multimedia project' books?

I'd prefer some books from the 'Clone wars multimedia project', though any recommendations on good books with the time set before 'rise of the empire' would be much appreciated.

Also, I heard some ppl saying the Darth Bane trilogy was good while others saying that it was a disappointment. Can I get some personal opinions regarding the Bane trilogy from those who read them?

Qnap & multimedia console

Hi there, I use a qnap 251 mainly for watching "TV" via Kodi or via Chrome and some PayTV channels. It's equipped with 16gb ram and two rather small 2TB disks. It's behind a firewall, and I do use practically nothing except HD Station and within that Kodi or Chrome. Do I need (?) Multimedia Console for this scenario?

Nebraska athletics set to bring radio network, advertising, licensing, and multimedia rights operations in-house; believed to be the first Power Five conference school to make this transition click1.email.journalstar.…
Multimedia battle station stage 1 reddit.com/gallery/mha9i6
Weil das Internet durch Home-Office und Distanzunterricht z.Z. unentbehrlich ist: Die Eurocats mit "Surfen Multimedia"! youtu.be/ycyjzFfsz5M
Anyone remember SF's Multimedia Gulch?

I recently created a wikipedia entry for Multimedia Gulch. It was the name for an area in SoMa for a collection of personal computer companies working in the newly burgeoning PC multimedia software and entertainment space in the 1990s.

The amount of information that remains on the web is limited. Maybe because the name was relatively short lived due to the shift to dot com's that overlaps this era in SF.

What related companies offices were in the general area? Like Macromedia, Adobe, WildBrain, etc? Anyone have photos or information about this area that can be used in the wiki article?

Building speakers for multimedia use

Hiya people, first time posting.

I'm currently in my final year of uni where I've designed, built and tested a pair of critical listening speakers for my major project. Overall really enjoyed the experience and I think it's something I wanna do more of in the future.

Obviously when designing a critical listening system, there are goals in mind like getting a flat frequency response ect. But this isn't desirable for casual listening.

What traits do you look for, whether that be in driver selection or enclosure design, when building a casual listening system?

P.s. I know this is going to be largely subjective, just wanna hear some peoples views on it.

Google One failed to restore my MMS (multimedia messages)

Pixel 4XL. My backup has 3 GB of MMS backed up. After a factory reset, I restored from backup, including MMS. I saw Google One in the notification shade had "Restoring multimedia messages..." for a while.

The "Phone and Messaging Storage" app only grew to about 63 MB (after several hours) and none of my pics/videos were restored (though all my group text messages appeared immediately). I assume it's because I've always used the "SMS Backup & Restore" app in the past and therefore my database was perhaps kind of screwed up.

I see the new backup of my phone has only 4 MB in MMS (from a few recent pics over Mother's Day).

Anyone else have experience with Google One failing to restore MMS (pictures/videos)?

For my lefty brothers out there: DIY quick and simple solution for disabling the multimedia without the touch bar on the HS611 HUION. I hope this may help someone somewhere.
[Doubts] Opera and multimedia content

Well, I don't know if it is really free software (although it is based on chromium) the thing is that it seems to have problems in general with the video playback on some pages.

I have been looking and from what I have seen it seems that it is due to licensing issues with some formats.

Do you know if I could remedy this on my own?

Currently I use Ubuntu 20.04, I know that it has options to install these codecs in the system and I know that I have them installed.

It is a pity,

because I just discovered the browser (I knew it but in my life I had given it to try it) and the truth is that the management of workspaces tabs is a luxury that I have just discovered that I want in my day to day xD.

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