my boy sunshine enjoying water luttuce for the first time!
Do You Eat The Luttuce Last? Bring Out The Iceberg.
When you ask for a no luttuce with ur mcgangbang but you got it anyway
Headbutter Luttuce and Boingsetta

What are your thoughts?



Headbutter Lettuce

Edit: watch official gameplay circulating online for more info

Chilli rubbed slow cooker pulled pork w/iceberg luttuce and crunchy coleslaw Tasty!
Just got back from a successful luttuce day crusade, here's me with the only two other survivors
My brother in law is religious and sl won't believe cannabis is actually good for you and not "Devils Luttuce", wtf can I do?
Hey there r/guineapigs I have a question about Luttuce.

Is iceberg lettuce safe? I was low on my piggies favourite veggies so after rooting through the fridge I found some iceberg, I remember hearing it wasn't really nutritious but also don't remember hearing anything to say it's bad for them. Anyway, I've never ever seen them eat like it, it was like they'd never been fed and they wheek for it all the time now, peppers and carrot just don't cut it anymore and they're ignored in favour of screaming as loud as possible until they get lettuce.

So, in your experience is it a popular choice? Is it safe? Google has so many mixed opinions.

Thanks for the responses so far, I'll probably keep it to a minimum then, they are still eating their peppers and carrotts, just not until after they've eaten the lettuce. O_o

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