Instead of saying "once upon a time," Korean fantasies usually begin with "back when tigers used to smoke".โ€ฆ
South Korea is the second leading consumer of Spam. Spam was introduced in Korea during WWII, and it was "godsend" for people in Korea and Japan who were starving as result of the war. Koreans view Spam as a delicacy and it is a popular gift item for the Lunar New Year.โ€ฆ
Many languages such as Korean or Japanese have 1 word for both blue and green. The situation it is used in determines what color the word refers to.โ€ฆ
Former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il secretly studied English on the small island of Malta in the 1970s . His English teacher, Prof. Daniel Massa, said that he used to become irritable when hungry, especially when lessons overstepped their time limit and impinged on his lunch break.โ€ฆ
The S. Korean gov. has a program that helps pay for US Korean War vets to visit the locations where they fought 70 years agoโ€ฆ
Today I learned about Kurt Lee, who was the first Asian (US) Marine Corps officer, when fighting in the Korean War used his Mandarin language skills to confuse the enemy soldiers and infiltrate their positions during the battles around Inchon.โ€ฆ
On the day of Korea's College Admissions Exams (Suneung), the Korean governemnt grounds aircrafts and reroutes flights to prevent students from getting distracted during the exam of their livesโ€ฆ
In 2014 Korean Air vice president Heather Cho was so angry about receiving macadamia nuts in a bag instead of on a plate, she forced the plane to taxi back to gate and unload the offending flight attendant. "Nutgate" ended up costing her 5 months in jailโ€ฆ
The South Korean National Anthem used to be sung to the tune of "Auld Lang Syne".โ€ฆ
Today I learned of the time a North Korean espionage submarine was literally caught in a South Korean fishing net. As the South Korean navy was towing it to port, the sub sank. When salvaged, of the 9 member crew, 5 were found executed and 4 had committed suicide.โ€ฆ
There are 6 Korean Female Pro Golfers who all share the same name, Jeongeun Lee. To prevent mixups and confusion, they have been named Lee1, Lee2, Lee3, Lee4, Lee5, and Lee6.โ€ฆ
There are North Korean labor camps in Siberia, Russia.โ€ฆ
: During the Korean War of the 1950s ( aka 'Forgotten War' ) Nukes were deployed in Guam & there were contingency plans to drop upto 50 Atomic Bombs to Strategically Target North Korea & parts of Chinaโ€ฆ
North Koreans are especially proud of Kim Jong Il for his "inventions". One of them is the Gogigyeopbbang or double breaded meat, which is essentially a hamburger.โ€ฆ
The Korean DMZ is an "accidental paradise" for endangered species. The zone, isolated from human activity, has permitted nature to make a comeback and reclaim the land. The DMZ is home to more than 5,000 species, 106 of which have protected status.โ€ฆ
Ethiopia sent troops to the Korean War as part of the UN Command. Known as the Kagnew Battalions, 3,158 men served, of which 121 were killed and 538 wounded. They were never defeated in battle and not a single soldier surrendered. They were also respected for never leaving their dead behind.โ€ฆ
North Korean student Ri Song Mi is in the Guinness Book of World Records for memorizing 302 random words within 15 minutes at the 27th World Memory Championships held in Hong Kongโ€ฆ
The first Korean to try coffee was Emperor Gojong in 1896. It was given to him by Antoinette Sontag, the sister in law of a Russian ambassador. She helped Emperor Gojong open Korea's first cafe.โ€ฆ
Today I learned of the National Defence Corps Incident. When a South Korean force of 406,000 suffered 300,000 casualties from starvation, disease and mass desertion due to High ranking officers embezzling funds earmarked for the purchase of food supplies.โ€ฆ
The South Korea airspace closes temporarily at the annual South Korean CSAT day (the '21 test is today) from 13:05 to 14:20 when the English Section begins. It is for preventing loud noises from impairing the students' ability in the Listening Section.โ€ฆ
Sannakji, a Korean dish that features a young live octopus cut into small pieces and served immediately, must be eaten very carefully - the octopus' legs are still moving when consumed, and approximately six people die each year by choking on the suction cupsโ€ฆ
Korean popstar Rap Monster does the majority of BTSโ€™ English-language interviews because heโ€™s the only member fluent in the language. Heโ€™s self-taught and has said that he learned while watching Friendsโ€ฆ
Selling bottled water to south koreans in south korea was illegal until 1994 due to reasons that the act would incite discomfort beteween social classes. Even during the 1988 olympics , bottled water was only allowed for foreigners.โ€ฆ
The ideology of North Korean is called 'Juche', an isolationism in which they believe that one of their former leaders invented the hamburger and that they have cured AIDS.โ€ฆ
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, the actor of Shang Tsung in the Mortal Kombat movies, is a legal citizen of Japan, America, Russia, and is fluent in English, Japanese, Spanish, Hawaiian, and Korean.โ€ฆ
Wearing forbidden Western fashion, like denim, jewelry, and hair dye, is used by North Korean millennials to show their defiance of the regime - but a women's union and youth groups monitor the streets to shame and beat rule-breakers, cutting off ponytails and destroying tight trousersโ€ฆ
Virgin ghosts are a figure in Korean folklore who are young women who died before marriage and cannot go to the afterlife. They can curse newlywed couples and can be gotten rid of by marrying them to an unmarried male ghost. koreajoongangdaily.joins.โ€ฆ
In 1978 Kim Jong-il kidnapped a South Korean actress and a director to work in his propaganda department.โ€ฆ
Products made in Japan were ridiculed and thought to be low quality until 1950 when The New York Times reported the excellence of Nikon cameras during the Korean war with the headline "Japanese camera"โ€ฆ
In May of 1953 during the Korean War, the US bombed the Toksan Dam, the Chasan Dam, the Kuwonga Dam, the Namsi Dam, and the Taechon Dam. The bombing of these five dams and ensuing floods threatened several million North Koreans with starvation.โ€ฆ
In january of 2003 in south korea, a childrens song that praised bin laden circulated among korean school kids. The song was sung in the tune of a popular cartoon. 1750 students in 15 schools were punished singing the song. koreajoongangdaily.joins.โ€ฆ
Sir Michael Caine is a Korean War veteran who saw front line action serving with the British Army's Royal Fusiliers until 1954. He talks about it in this audio clip and it's fairly harrowing.โ€ฆ
"The Great Impostor" Ferdinand Demara posed as a surgeon aboard a Navy destroyer in the Korean War and was forced to perform surgery on 16 people. He proceeded to speed-read a textbook on general surgery and was able to successfully perform all the surgeries without anyone dying.โ€ฆ
Koreans eat about 600 million chickens per year and Korean fried chicken (or KFC) and beer is so popular that its facination has spread to China via Korean soap operas. A Chinese company once flew all 4500 of its employees to Korea so they all can have KFC and beer.โ€ฆ
Kim Jong Il once kidnapped the biggest South Korean director and movie star (who were also ex-husband and wife) and brought them to North Korea to make movies for him. They escaped by convincing him to let them go abroad to promote the North Korean film industry.โ€ฆ
In the North Korean Graphic Standard, the name of the past and present supreme leaders has to have a different encoding. North Korean news site always have the names of leaders in bold.โ€ฆ
A Korean civil minister named Choe Yun-ui created the first printing press 150 years before Gutenberg was born.โ€ฆ
Mao Zedong was personally struck by the loss of his own son, Mao Anqing, during the Korean war, a war he had effectively started. North Korea and China commemorated eachโ€™s support in their struggle against the United States and there is a Chinese soldiers cemetary north of Pyongyangโ€ฆ
A North Korean teen who was chosen to go to the International Mathematical Olympiad used it to escape North Korea and start a new life.โ€ฆ
General MacArthur wanted to win the Korean War by dropping 30-50 atomic bombs on air bases, followed by sowing nuclear waste into the ground to create a permanent radioactive border to prevent future invasions from the North. warfarehistorynetwork.comโ€ฆ
Chinese newspaper cited The Onion naming the North Korean leader as the Sexiest Man Alive without realizing it was a jokeโ€ฆ
Today I learned of Charles MCGEE a retired American fighter pilot who saw combat missions in World War II, Korean War, & Vietnam making him one of the longest active duty air force pilots in history(spanning 30 years). He is also one of the last living tuskegee airmenโ€ฆ
Samsung made Autonomous sentry guns and tanks for the South Korean Militaryโ€ฆ
The NASA's HQ building is owned by a Korean firm.โ€ฆ
Jesse Brown, the first USN black aviator, was killed after his F4U Corsair was hit by Chinese fire and crashed near Chosin Reservoir on 12/4/1950. His wingman, Thomas Hudner, purposely crashed his plane to try & save him and in doing so, was the only USN pilot in the Korean War to receive a MOH.โ€ฆ
Today I learned about the book 'Comfort women of the Empire', by a korean historian who was the first to interview the Korean comfort women for the japanese army.โ€ฆ
In 2009 a 3-month-old Korean child died from malnutrition after both her parents spent hours each day in an Internet cafe, raising a virtual child in an online game.โ€ฆ
Today I learned of Jรผrgen Hinzpeter, a German journalist who risked his life to document the 1980 Gwanju Uprising in South Korea with the help of a Korean taxi driver. He spent the remainder of his life unable to reconnect with the driver as he had given him a fake name.โ€ฆ
The Cuban national football team had been coached by a North Korean, and even went on a tour in North Korea and Vietnam. They then went on to win the Central American and Caribbean Games gold medal in 1970.โ€ฆ
1,400 Filipinos defeated 40,000 chinese communists on the battle of Yultong during the Korean war, 1951. Leaving a lethal blow against the Chinese army.โ€ฆ

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