Pre-Haircut Rockabilly Bass Slappin' Sea Shanty Freestyle Rap Friday…
Trinity College in Perth bans mullet haircuts, labelling them β€˜unacceptable’…
I was watching the fast 9 trailer and I was wondering where I recognized this haircut πŸ˜‚
Leonardo DiCaprio used to be a break dancer before he made it big as an actor. According to him he thinks he kept getting rejected by agents because he was a break dancer at the time and had crazy haircuts.…
Anyone else ever not get a haircut because you told yourself you need to lose weight first? Well, I gained more weight and treated myself anyway, and I feel SO GOOD :’)
My barber won't give you this haircut
I've always 'known' my face was too fat for a short haircut, but I fell in love with a picture of short hair & couldn't get my mind off it. Brought it to my stylist & here's what happened!
I design unnecessary products and today I built the Haircut Collar for solo haircuts.
[Joshua Clipperton] Wayne Simmonds started his post-game avail with this: β€œI need a haircut holy shit. We’ve had a barber come in for most of the guys. Unfortunately I need a different type of barber, so my barber hasn’t been able to come in. I’m hurting a little bit here.”…
That yee yee ass haircut
Bulbasaur haircut
Trinity College in Perth bans mullet haircuts, labelling them β€˜unacceptable’…
I am a small town barber and for the first time ever, I accepted crypto as payment for a haircut!

I am a small town barber and for the first time ever, I accepted crypto (LTC) for payment on a haircut! A client and I were chatting about crypto during his cut and I decided to ask if he wanted to pay in crypto for his service. He smiled wide and said β€œhell yeah!”
It’s not much but it feels like a part of the future here in a very small town. Might start to advertise that I will accept crypto as payment soon enough. It was both of our first times ever using crypto in a real world setting and it was seamless. Thank you for reading.

Kevin Nash on meeting a 16 year old Jeff Hardy for the first time at WWE: "At the time he had a haircut like Vanilla Ice so we used to call him Vanilla Ice. Scott [Hall] would always handpick him to work his [squash] matches...Scott knew talent. He'd always say 'this kid's special'. And he was."
Halle Berry’s bob haircut
Shel Silverstein wrote a book called "Uncle Shelby's ABZ Book" a parody of his other books with a more adult twist. It encouraged kids to do bad things such as give daddy a haircut, Throw eggs at the ceiling, or put sugar in the gas tank through Shel's 'light-hearted' writing style.…
Searching up "male haircuts" on the internet starterpack.
Rose looking gorgeous with a new haircut
You guys look eerily different after a haircut...πŸ₯²
Ronaldo apologizes for his 2002 haircut "It was horrible, I say sorry for all the mothers around that time"…
Tall and proud trans woman , now officially 2 weeks on hormones. Thank you all for making it possible. Here is my new haircut to celebrate the milestone
JJ's haircuts ranked
Year 2 in 2003, that’s my teacher on the left. Nothing says cool in primary school quite like having an identical haircut to your 60 year old teacher.....
New Haircut

So I decided after many years of thinking on it to cut my hair. I did it to make myself feel good and some other reasons. I went from shoulder length hair to something like this and I absolutely love it! That was until the comments started rolling in. Some have been nice but others have been hurtful such as my cousin asking me if I’m a d*ke now and if I hate men now. Another person said they are mourning over my hair being gone. And someone else said they think women should have long hair and that I shouldn’t have cut it. Ngl it hurts to hear stuff like that. How do I not let comments like these get to me (and kill my self-esteem) and continue to love my hair?

The popular door knock "dah dah dah dah dah...dah dah" is know as the "Shave and a Haircut" and was used by POWs during the vietnam war to identify new US prisoners. They would tap the first five notes, and wait for the last two notes in response…
u/uncle-becky gets a haircut by a aunt B. who doesn't cut hair…
Brad Rau explains making the Clones the ''bad guys,'' in the Bad Batch and that the Empire will strip the remaining Clones of their unique haircuts, custom armor and their armor colors to take away their individuality.
I miss his old haircut
Being 6'3 with a beard usually leaves me being misgendered or not taken seriously, it can make it hard to like how I look. But fuck it, got my first real haircut in ages and felt cute
Thanks, i hate that dog’s haircut
I got a haircut and a beard trim/cleanup. These masks are killing our beards! If you look closely you can see my mask line. Anyways my normal face and my laughing face 😐🀣
I really need a haircut
Before and after today’s haircut, so much euphoria
for men who's growing their hair out do yall get families and friends that constantly tell u to get a haircut? I feel like it would be a crime to cut it when i have awesome hair days like this
A 6 month old kid loving his first haircut
SS officer Hans Huttig with his yee yee ass haircut
We're doing selfies again, yay! I posted the first time as well, but since then I got a haircut :) glad I can be a part of this beautiful community β™₯️β™₯️
[m18]Just go a haircut and absolutely despise it at least I don’t have to turn my on camera during classes.
β€œHe’s too young for that. He’s half white … Little white boys don’t get their haircut like that.” I really wish Kail would acknowledge her racist comments and stop hiding behind her mix raced children.
Officially accepting crypto as payments for haircuts.

Hi everyone.

I own a barbershop in U.K and I have now started to accept cryptocurrency as payments for haircuts. I have been doing this for years now but on and off, I always wanted to make it known to all customers that this is possible with the right cryptocurrencies. At the moment I am accepting only NANO due to its speed and fees compared to other cryptos. I use NANO's official app and the customers who would like to pay in crypto know about it. For other currencies like BTC, ADA, ETH etc.. I will be using my wallets like Atomic, Trust and or exchanges like & Coinbase.

I have around 8 customers right now that pay only in crypto and hopefully there will be more. I charge Β£15 for a haircut but if you pay in crypto I lower it to Β£12. I have posters made for the shop so that when we re-open on 12th April all customers can see and hopefully start to look into investing and using crypto themselves. Bitcoin has changed my life, I bought my business and home because of it so I am always going to be a big fan.

Thank you for reading, any questions please feel free to ask.

Edit: wow thank you so much for the kind words and confidence all I was not expecting this. A few have asked about the shop and here is our website please feel free to visit. I also have both a coinbase and card so I do occasionally use the cards to buy coffee or even some products for work.

She even has that karen haircut
I'm going for a haircut and shave today. Stood in front of my collection to give you guys extra details to roast me good! Have at it!
My clients get to see this every time they come over for a haircut. But you can see it too!
the deer just wants a haircut too
I've had very different kinds of haircut and colors, but I can't find the right one for me!! What do you think?
I hate my new haircut :(
Just got my haircut after some suggestions on here what do you think?
What haircut could I get to have hair out of my face? I feel like my hair laying flat on my head isn't doing me any favors, especially from the side, so I usually wear it up like in the last two pics. What could look good on me?
Jiri Prochazka testing his battle haircut in octagon
Okay what do we think πŸ₯Ί also should I get a haircut? πŸ˜…

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