TJ’s had a mixed color Gladiolus bouquet for the first time ever (that I’ve seen!) I mixed it with an orange bunch and I’m delighted!
Become Gladiolus
This is the first time we planted Gladiolus bulb few months back
Does Episode Gladiolus...

have a title screen change? After finishing all the DLCs, I realized that his did not change upon completion. Did I miss something?

Season's first gladiolus
First Gladiolus of the season! Anybody know if this is a named cultivar?
How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Gladiolus Flowers…
First tattoo; Narsil with the One Ring inscription and gladiolus flowers. Done by Jen at Danbury Tattoo in Danbury, CT.
Would Gladiolus or Prompto have worn The Ring of the Lucii (Spoilers)

Ignis wore the Ring without hesitation to defend Noctis from Ardyn, knowing full-well he was facing death since he is not of the Lucis Caelum blood. What he did not know is no matter what he would have done in that scenario two things are guaranteed:

  • He was not going to defeat Ardyn.
  • Ardyn wasn’t actually going to kill Noctis there.

So it’s sad to think that Ignis sacrificed his vision for nothing. Just shows he was loyal before anything else. Back to my question.

Do you think Gladio or Prompto would’ve donned the Ring of the Lucii without hesitation like that? I think Gladio would’ve tried to brute his way through Ardyn only to end up dead or exhausted and powerless. I don’t think Prompto would attempt to fight Ardyn or wear the Ring.

Gladiolus to match with mom, going back in for color. Done by David at Studio Lumos in Corvallis, OR
Gladiolus primulus hybrids - from Revue Horticole 1910. Reposted with correct name and source
So close to plat trophy! Just need a fast method to level up daddios (gladiolus) survival skill. Currently at lvl 7, any suggestions?

I need some suggestions that aren’t rubber banding because I don’t wanna mess up my controller again, any ideas? Also feel free to give some suggestions on how to level up iggys cooling (currently level 8)

[C2A] Call to Arms / Strategy Thread: Around the Fire (Gladiolus' Lost Chapter)

.As usual, the Call to arms is here to collect proof of your feats conquering the hardest fights in the game. This means the video submissions are now for LUFENIA (level 200) FIGHTS ONLY, except for the Challenge Quests, which are still good ol' Chaos difficulty.

Please share your impressions of the fight and which unique teams you have used to complete it, and if you are bold enough, send your videos to the spreadsheet, as usual! For even more glory, feel free to partake in the TCC Challenge that will be issued soon (after the usual playtesting to not make it too easy or too hard!)

πŸ“Š Video list for this event:

Lufenia Fight: link

Challenge Quest: link

⚠️ [Only videos sent through the site will appear in the spreadsheet!] ⚠️ will soon have a πŸ“• Boss Guide to help you finish this fight!

Calls to Arms for previous events:

Aftermath Headcanons for Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto

Since I've read that Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto all live after the ending, I can't help but wonder what life will be like for them now that Noctis is gone.

So I want to hear some of your headcanons of their lives after the ending of FFXV.

This should be my Final Fantasy (FF15) , I’d be Gladiolus
Are these gladiolus bulbs healthy, should i let them dry out now and leave for dormancy?
Gladiolus is a flower
My first enamel piece! They're supposed to be Gladiolus...
This year I've planted gladiolus's for the first time. Now I cannot imagine my garden without them anymore!
Holy corm-let! Got a perfect new corm for next season, and about 30 cormlets that will grow to full size in 2-3 seasons. 1 gladiolus -> 31
Can I re-plant these Gladiolus bulbs next spring?
Oh Aldi! The Gladiolus bulbs we got last year! πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
Would you like to purchase these LD boards to know what happens next? A Gladiolus analysis post-LD boards.

At long last, Gladiolus' LC is back and with it, probably one of the most broken characters to date in the history of Opera Omnia. And we finally get Gladiolus' LD boards, which have been said to be lackluster, much like his DLC in his original game some might say (I haven't done those so I have no idea about how great/bad they actually are). But we are here to see how great of a unit Gladio is.

> What does he do in a party ?

He's a cover tank first and foremost and he is also able to provide HP regen auras, damage mitigation and battery the group through using his skills.

His skill 1, Tempest (6 uses), provides a self BRV gain scaling off his ATK stat and deals 4 AOE BRV hits + 1 HP dump and deals split HP damage while batterying the group by 20 % of the damage dealt. Most importantly, it grants him a framed buff called [King's Shield]. It is stacked-based (up to 10) and buffs his DEF by 80 %, lowers BRV damage received by 60 % and lowers HP damage received by 20 %. It also buffs his ATK and Max brave stats up to a total 40 % for each, when he reaches 10 stacks of this framed buff. His stacks increase whenever he gets hit by either a BRV or a HP attack and will quickly rise to its maximum amount thanks to the other buff he provides to his allies by using Tempest, [Royal Guard].

[Royal Guard] provides the BRV and HP mitigation that Gladio gets by using Tempest with the same numbers. It also allows Gladio to cover his allies whenever they are targeted by a ST attack. Gladio cannot cover AOE hits and this is why his [Royal Guard] buff mitigates damage received. This is a safety net against those attacks to make sure his allies don't die too fast.

His skill 2, Dawnhammer (8 uses), is more straightforward and is a better AOE shaving skill than Tempest. He receives a self BRV gain scaling off his ATK stat and will deal 6 AOE BRV hits + 1 HP dump. However, it only deals ST damage despite dealing AOE hits so beware. It also batteries the group for 20 % of the HP damage dealt, inflicts a generic Max brave debuff (40%) and grants him a second framed buff called [Crownsguard's Pride] and is a simple ATK/max brave buff (40 % for each) and is his source of Last Stand as well. Don't let it fall off because he gets many BRV gains scaling from his ATK stat. You don't want to receive less gains because you let it expire.

His C65 is a quick 20 % self HP heal (and a party +10 % max brave),which is nice, but you won't use it often in

... keep reading on reddit ➑

First tattoo! Gladiolus flower done by Khin Ohiman at The Fountainhead Tattoo in Edmonton, AB
This should be my Final Fantasy (FF15) , I’d be Gladiolus
I'm crocheting my bouquet! This tiger lily is as big as my face and I'll be making yellow gladiolus and white irises to go in as well :)
Red Gladiolus Flowers?

Has anyone seen any red gladiolus flowers at their grocery stores or florists? I've called a few places already without any luck.

Gladiolus, Hezolnut, Oil, 2021
My first gladiolus! Love the colors! No filter needed.
I just found out that Gladiolus is not only a flower with the nickname "sword lily", but it's also member of the Iris family 🀯
Gladiolus is a massive jerk. [Spoilers for Chapter 9+]

So, this is my first time actually getting to chapter 10 in this game. Haven't beaten it yet, late to the party, I know. But damn if Gladi isn't making me want to let eternal night fall on Eos permanently and go drink copious amounts of liquor with Ardyn right now.

"Hey so I know your dad died and that was hard enough, but you also just lost your fiance and you probably have ptsd/residual effects from whatever Lunafreya did to you (temporarily possessed by ancestors/Bahamut/both) so you could defeat Leviathan on top of Ignis being injured for your sake but you need to forget all that and move on and stop being such a cowardly crybaby, man up you loser"

I liked you at first with your dumb Cup Noodles product placement but bruh. Worst friend ever.

My favorite color of my gladiolus bloomed.
incredible purple gladiolus !!
[GL] Sabin LD Story Draw (Lost Chapter: Gladiolus) - Gacha Thread

Please keep all Gacha results here.

This is to minimize the barrage of Gacha results being put out.

If any associated posts are seen outside of this thread, it will be deleted by the moderators. Thank you.


Draw starts August 6th at 2:00 UTC until August 20th at 1:59 UTC


Weapons Featured

  • Sabin - Dragon Claws (LD)
  • Gladiolus - Blade of Brennaere (LD)
  • Vayne - Enigma (EX)
  • Cloud of Darkness - Dream Eaters (BT)


Choose your Gloss – Gladiolus

Disclaimer: Pics in post.

Hello and welcome to today's poll featuring Gladio, Noctis' childhood friend, bodyguard and... resident cup noodle connoisseur? Product placement at its finest.

No matter his preferences, Gladio's a member of the Crownsguard and acts as Noct's Shield of the King. In battle, he uses a greatsword almost as big as he's tall – which is not a small feat at all (pun not intended)! Which one's your favorite?

15 CP – Two-Handed Sword

35 CP – War Sword

EX – Force Stealer

LD – Blade of Brennaere

Previous poll: Gabranth Index Next poll: Sabin

View Poll

Gladiolus comin in strong!
Aubrey but with a gladiolus growing out of her head
Gladiolus with Hidden Purple Coloring
Crepe Paper Gladiolus
Noctis gets roasted by gladiolus.. XD
My gladiolus are unreal this year. Been blooming for 2 weeks now!
Gladiolus cruentus is an absolutely stunning, endangered species from south africa. It grows in a very restricted and small area, hanging from cliffs, usually near waterfalls. Picture by patitak, instagram.
Gladiolus that I grew. Hope you like it
I love gladiolus so much. I had forgotten what color these ones were 😍

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