Good budget Flugelhorns?

For some reason I really want a flugelhorn, probably because it’s a cool instrument to own and also a late Christmas gift for myself. I really don’t want to spend a lot money because I destroyed my wallet when I bought myself a xeno. Any websites that sell good budget Flugelhorns? Thanks.

Just bought a Flugelhorn, but the trigger is stuck and won't move. Do you have any tips or ideas? Thanks!
Why is Flugelhorn considered a principal instrument?

I’m in Highschool and I play clarinet. I notice that during concert season if the trumpet section is too loud my band director will put the first chair on Flugelhorn and the second and third chairs on Cornet. Why is Flugelhorn considered a principal instrument if it’s so quiet? I always thought most principal instrument were loud and piercing.

Any really good jazz flugelhorn players?

I’m already a huge fan of Chuck Mangione and was wondering if there were any others worth really checking out.

This pic got posted as being from the Cookin’ session. Miles looks to have a flugelhorn here. I don’t remember flugel on any of those sessions. Help?
Best flugelhorn for under Β£1000 ($1300)

Hi all, Looking to buy my first flugelhorn and have Β£1000 maximum to spend. Currently looking at a Manchester brass one and acb doubler. Also found a 1938 couesnon for Β£700 but not sure how this compares to either of the other mentioned. Any recommendations thoroughly appreciated.

Custom flugelhorn I bought recently for my 40th.
Flugelhorn Mouthpiece To Trumpet Adapter

I've been playing the trumpet for a few years now and recently began playing the flugelhorn. I then took a bit of a trumpet hiatus and only played the flugel for a while. I have a concert coming up where I have a song on flugel to play then directly after a song on the trumpet. Is there something that I can put in my trumpet's mouth so that I can use a flugelhorn mouthpiece on it? I find the ombouchure switch challenging and I can't hit the notes I need to on trumpet right after playing the Flugelhorn. Thanks for the help!

Flugelhorn Help

Hey all, looking to buy a flugelhorn but not sure what one to get. I’m looking to spend no more than 600Β£ so understand secondhand will probably be the best option. I’ve heard ACB doublers flugelhorns are good. I also found a Triebert Morderne Flugelhorn but unsure how good this is. Any help appreciated

Just a camel. Playing its flugelhorn. At night.
Tom Harrell's Flugelhorn solo on an originally unreleased version of "Thanksgiving Theme" by Vince Guaraldi…
Flugelhorn mouthpiece

Might buy a couesnon flugelhorn but understand I need a certain mouthpiece type for it. I currently use a Yamaha 11b4 on my trumpet so ideally something similar as I get on well with it. When looking I was slightly overwhelmed by the options.


I know this is a trumpet forum, but the flugelhorn one is dead.

I'm looking to buy a good flugel, up to the Β£2k mark (although I'd sooner pay closer to Β£1.5k, honestly). So we're into second hand yamaha top range, bach strad etc territory, potentially. Now I know that it is all personal preference and some people will not get on with a particular instrument, but I'm looking for suggestions as to what I should be looking at.

I've played a Strad for a while (started out on that, as very experienced brass player with no history on flugel), and a Besson Sovereign. The strad was hard work to play. Beautiful tone, but tuning was interesting (had to carefully pitch EVERY note). The sovereign was easier to play and had more consistent tuning, but the tone was too cornet-like - it didn't sing like the strad did.

Push comes to shove, I'm more interested in tone than ease of playing (I'm a former French horn player, lipping a note in of second nature), but if I can get both, great.

Suggestions of what I should be trying? The strad is on the list, the sov is not.

Looking for opinions on the C. G. Conn 1 FR flugelhorn

I was looking to treat myself to one for Xmas this year. Just looking for general thoughts on it vs some other options around the same price point.

If anyone is curious l, the smooth jazz sounds that he goes to commercial to after ranting for so long are the flugelhorn stylings of one Chuck Mangione.

What are your thoughts on them, and which specific horns are your favorites?

Acousticsamples "V Horns Brass Section" brass library with 2 trumpets, 2 trombones and 2 flugelhorns using Harmonic Alignment Technology to accurately reproduce the timbre evolution from very soft to very loud playing for UVI Workstation/Falcon - Intro Price (€149) un 29 November

So. I hear some people call the Euphonium the "Tenor Tuba" and the Tuba the "Bass" tuba, so this implies there is an alto voice in the tuba family. The only instrument i know that can kind of fit that role is the Cornet/Flugelhorn, being conical like tuba, and valved too. is that right?
Cory Wong Solo Duel–Flugelhorn v Penny Whistle…
Sidewinder - performed by 4 Trumpets & Flugelhorn…
Cmusic Production "Solo Trumpetissimo - Solo Trumpets, Flugelhorn and Bass Trumpet" for Kontakt ($99.50) un 6 November…
My search for a better flugelhorn….

Hi everyone- would really love to hear some insights and/or recommendations regarding my search for a new flugel.

Currently am in the research period. Have some ideas, but would love to hear some new perspectives.

I previously had a Yamaha. It was fine, but I’m looking for something with an even warmer tone and more consistent intonation. I also would like it to have a better projection, if that makes sense (i.e. bell flare starting earlier, consistent tubing throughout, better slotting, etc.).

Am looking for new mouthpieces as well. I have one, but am open to suggestions for new, better ones.


Orchestral Tools "Whisper" four softly played wind instruments - a flute, a muted cornet, a flugelhorn, and a bass clarinet, alongside a rich ensemble of intricately processed pads, plucks, and keys for SINE Player - Intro Price (€89) un 6 October…
Case for 3 flugelhorns?

I have 3 flugelhorns and I need a case/container for them. I don't really like the old cases they came with (pretty old and musty smelling). Any ideas on cases for these?

Flugelhorn and Chill (INSTA:Fergusonsounds)…
best Flugelhorn mouthpiece?

i want to know what mouthpiece gives the most mellow tone and doesn’t immediately kill my lips when i go above the staff

i know that everyone’s lips are different and something might work for someone but not for someone else but i’m just looking for suggestions

but seriously Gunter Flugelhorn really DOES want to know what's wrong with lil sis
Cory Wong Solo Duel–Flugelhorn v Penny Whistle…
Andante Cantabile for 4 valve flugelhorn (Brass quartet arrangement)
Any band/album/track with these brasses: Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet, Cornet or Flugelhorn?

I saw this thread:

And also this great post on Bandcamp:

I'm looking for bands/tracks/albums with brass as a main instrument.
Think darkjazz-flavored black metal.

Any budget friendly Flugelhorns?

I have marching band coming up in fall, and I have a few flugelhorn solos. Problem is, neither my school or myself owns a flugelhorn. Just wondering if there was any good brands for budget flugelhorns, from what I’ve seen any namebrand horn is $700+

Trying the Flugelhorn

Got a flugelhorn on loan and I like the mellow sounds it can make. It's different from the cornet or trumpet or even the baritone.

A beautiful cover I found of Hogwarts Forever on the Flugelhorn that I wanted to share!
Flugelhorn Recommendations

I currently play a Cannonball 42 with a Cannonball 5B mouthpiece. I am wondering if anyone knows a fougelhorn that I could transition to fairly easily. General other flugel recommendations would work as well.

Beginner Flugelhorn mouthpiece

Hello all. Could anyone recommend a Flugelhorn mouthpiece for beginners? A family member gave me a plastic flugelhorn (cool wind) and I figured a metal mouthpiece would be better than a plastic on. And maybe if I like it, I'll invest in a metal Flugelhorn. I started on trumpet and ended up not liking it so I switched to trombone. But I'm definitely interested in a mellow sound of the flugelhorn.

Flugelhorn and Chill…
Flugelhorn and Chill (Insta:fergusonsounds)…
Flugelhorn mouthpiece?

I posted this question earlier and saw some helpful comments that might give me some better answers so i’m posting again

I play on a King 2055ST trumpet with a Bach 3D mouthpiece

I also play a Jupiter 520 with a Denis Wick 5B Heritage series

I am using a Jupiter JFH1100R and have a blessing 3FL mouthpiece

I want to know what mouthpiece gives the most mellow tone and is easy endurance wise

I know that everyone is different and something might work for someone but not for someone else but i’m just looking for suggestions

Flugelhorn and Chill…
Flugelhorn and Chill : Insta @fergusonsounds…
Evolution Series "Chronicles Brass & Wood" baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone, clarinet, flugelhorn and trumpet performed by Dane Laboyrie and Mark Taylor for Kontakt 6 Player - Intro Price ($139) un 24 September…
Flugelhorn and Chill…
Octopath Traveler - Ophilia the Cleric - For Flugelhorn, Euphonium, and Cello…
Ophilia the Cleric - Arranged for Flugelhorn, Euphonium, and Cello…
The Ashokan Farewell (Flugelhorn Solo)
Trumpet vs Flugelhorn…


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