The verb 'egg' (i.e. egged on, to incite into action) has been in the English language longer than the noun 'egg'.โ€ฆ
Octopuses have 2/3 of their neurons in their tentacles; the mother dies almost immediately after the eggs are hatched, due to exhaustion; their blood is copper based which makes it blue; they can change the color of their skin, & also texture; they can watch and learn; evolved from snails.
The liquid from canned chickpeas (and only chickpeas, not other beans) is called aquafaba and can be whipped into a stiff, fluffy foam. Aquafaba can be used instead of egg whites in baking and can even be used to make egg-free merengue.โ€ฆ
Chickens have earlobes, and the color of a hen's eggs corresponds to the earlobe color.โ€ฆ
Waffle House was founded when a restaurant manager and a real-estate agent met during the purchase of a house. They became friends and went into business together. Waffle House claims to be the world's largest seller of waffles, ham, pork chops, grits, and T-bone steaks, and 2% of all US eggs.โ€ฆ
Bald eagles share parenting duties: The male and the female take turns incubating the eggs, and they both feed their young. They usually mate for life too.โ€ฆ
The two oldest cats ever recorded was owned by one guy: Creme Puff (38 years) and Grandpa Rex Allen (34 years). The owner even revealed what he believed to be the key to their longevity, a diet of dry cat food supplemented with broccoli, eggs, turkey bacon, coffee with cream and red wine.โ€ฆ
The reason eggs are refrigerated in the US, unlike most of the world, is because eggs are washed which removes the natural barrier for bacteria.โ€ฆ
In 2019, a saxophonist was hired to compose a song for the critically endangered New Zealand bird, the Kakapo, in order to put them in a romantic mood for mating. It seems to have worked as 249 eggs were laid and 76 hatched during the breeding season.โ€ฆ
"A rabbit differs from other mammals in that the female ovulates after being mounted by a male. This is called induced ovulation. This is the only time she produces an egg."โ€ฆ
Today I learned about the Ghost Moth of New Zealand that spends 5-6 years as a grub, making a burrow in a tree in the shape of a '7', but only spends a couple of days as an actual moth, as it has no mouthparts. If it's lucky enough to find a mate, it lays 2000 eggs before starving to death.โ€ฆ
The color of a chicken's earlobe determines the color of the eggs it lays. If the ear lobe is brown (or red), the egg is brown, and if it is white, the egg is also whiteโ€ฆ
Today I learned that wasps lay their eggs inside adult cockroaches and larvae and when they hatch, they feed on the roaches from the inside out.โ€ฆ
Germany's 83 million inhabitants ate 19.6 billion chicken eggs last yearโ€ฆ
People eat ant eggs and they are considered a delicacy in Mexico.โ€ฆ
Out of 3000 salmon eggs, only 5 or 6 will reach adulthoodโ€ฆ
In the 1950s, if a woman wanted to know if she was pregnant, she needed to get her urine injected into a frog to see if it would lay eggs. This was a mainstream method and thousands of frogs were exported around the world.โ€ฆ
Monks in Westminster Abbey would eat 6,000 calories a day normally and 4,500 a day when "fasting". They drank a gallon of beer and 10 oz of wine and ate 2.25 lbs of bread, 5 eggs, and 2 lbs of meat or fish a day. Many monks became obese and suffered related conditions.โ€ฆ
Ernest Cline, author of Ready Player One, hid an easter egg inside the book. Players had to complete a series of gates including setting a new world record in a video game. The winner won a DeLorean and took 3 months to winโ€ฆ
Eggs should be stored โ€œpointyโ€ side downโ€ฆ
For every 200 million sperm in each human ejaculation, 2 million make it into the cervix, 1 million make it into the uterus, 10,000 make it to the top of the organ, 5,000 enter the uterotubal junction, 1000 enter the Fallopian tube, 200 reach the egg and only 1 enters the egg to fertilize it.โ€ฆ
Oviraptor, which is latin for egg taker, is a misnomer. The first discovered specimen was next to what were thought to be protoceratops eggs, so it was presumed to be an egg eater. It later turned out that those were Oviraptor eggs, meaning it was brooding them, not eating them.โ€ฆ
The first reliable pregnancy tests involved doctors injecting women's urine into frogs; if they laid eggs without mating, the woman was pregnant. This test was called the "Hogben Test" and was used widely for about 20 years until doctors began injecting mice and rabbits instead.โ€ฆ
Today I learned about glow-in-the-dark kitties. Scientists insert the GFP(green fluorescent protein from jellyfish) gene along with another gene that blocks feline AIDS, into the cat's unfertilized eggs. When the eggs are fertilized, glowing cats are produced, which means that they also have the anti-AIDS gene.โ€ฆ
A carnival game called "Hit the baby ni****" existed between the 1880s and as late as the 1950s. This game was sometimes played with live humans who would attempt to dodge eggs or baseballs thrown at them. As popularity faded the game was replaced with the dunk tanks we know today.โ€ฆ
Ichneumon wasps lay their eggs inside trees where they detect formerly laid and evolved wood wasp larvae. They paralize the other larvae through poison and then lay their single egg on top of it. Scientists are not sure how they find their victims through centimenters of solid tree barkโ€ฆ
For decades, cartographers have made secret illustrations on Switzerlandโ€™s official topographical maps such as a spider, a naked woman, and a marmot, eluding the Swiss Federal Office of Topography for years before removal. The naked woman reclined for nearly 60 yrs in the municipality of Egg.โ€ฆ
The eggs of Southern Cassowary is green like green(raw) mango. The eggs become green due to biliverdin, a common pigment found in bird eggshells. Their eggs color is used for camouflage against the surrounding vegetation in tropical forests.โ€ฆ
There was a fish and egg breakfast dish during Victorian times called "Kedgeeree"โ€ฆ
Some Wasps Lay Eggs in Different Kinds of Harmful Insects So As Not to Spread and Inflict More Damageโ€ฆ
Carriage wheels have an inside and an outside. I always thought the spokes went straight down, but apparently they're slightly angled and egg-shaped.โ€ฆ
There is a no-kill way of producing caviar, allowing to massage eggs out of the pregnant sturgeon, and which could make caviar 70% cheaper if produced at scaleโ€ฆ
Most of the world don't refrigerate their eggs. Some wash their eggs the minute they are laid to which prevents salmonella. In the places that don't wash their egg they leave the protective layer (cuticle) on allowing eggs to stay out.โ€ฆ
Evaniidae, better known as Ensign Wasps are a type of wasp which doesn't sting humans and are a sign of roaches living nearby which they prey on by laying eggs in roach eggs and their larvae eats the roach eggs.โ€ฆ
Today I learned of Bruce Patterson, a British man who in 2010 managed to put six Cadbury's Creme Eggs in his anus. Five years later he managed to break his own record by anally inserting nine of them.โ€ฆ
Female wasps will attack almost any other insect to implant their eggs, which hatch into parasitic larva that eventually kill their host. This actually makes them useful as a 'green' method of pest control, being intentionally introduced to decimate the populations of crop-killing pests.โ€ฆ
Egg tempera is a painting medium that uses egg yolk to bind pigments. It was a ubiquitous technique during the early Italian Renaissance, when it was considered the standard for portable easel paintings. Botticelli, Raphael, and Andrew Wyeth all painted with tempera.โ€ฆ
Gases produced from most foods are actually odorless. But certain foods result in the formation of sulfur-containing gases like hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, so when it builds up in the colon and eventually gets released, the result can carry a rotten egg-like odor.โ€ฆ
Fruit Flies lay their eggs on the skin of fruit, and often start to burrow inside your fruit as it ripensโ€ฆ
Today I learned about Octomom, a deep sea octopus that tended her brood of eggs for nearly 4.5 years, likely withut ever eating, setting a record for the longest known gestation.โ€ฆ
Most Octopus species live between 1 & 2 years because of their reproductive process. Males are often strangled & eaten by females during the mating process. Females die a few weeks after laying the eggs as their bodies self destructs through cellular suicide till she dies.โ€ฆ
Some people smell of rotten fish and aren't fishermen. Trimethylaminuria is a rare metabolic problem causing people to emit the smelly odor of bad fish after eating eggs, liver, legumes or vegetables. There is no known cure and the problem is more common in women than men.โ€ฆ
David Schiffler, a 3 year old boy at the time, told his dad he found a dinosaur egg shell while playing in the dirt soon after seeing a movie on dinosaurs, and all he got from his dad was a shrug, "Yeah, right", but it turned out to be a genuine dinosaur egg shell!โ€ฆ
There are eggs with a citrus scent, laid by hens fed a diet of citrus peel among other stuffโ€ฆ
In the California Condor Recovery Plan, researchers and breeders removed condor eggs and used condor puppets to raise and feed the chicks from those eggs. Parent condors would then lay more eggs to replace the taken eggs, thus increasing their reproductive rate.โ€ฆ
Many German households own a device designed to neatly cut a hole into a soft boiled egg, called an "Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher," literally "eggshell breaking point causer".โ€ฆ
King Cobras are the only snake that builds a nest for its young. The female stays with the eggs and the male stays near by. Cobras eat a diet of mostly snakes, including other King Cobras, and some develop a rigid diet of a single species of snake and will refuse any other type.โ€ฆ
Most of the world does not refrigerate their eggs.โ€ฆ
Natural evolution did not create a chicken that lays so many unfertilized eggs. Human engineering created such chickens. You could call the process "human-caused evolution", "artificial selection", or "selective breeding".โ€ฆ
An alligatorโ€™s sex is determined by the temperature the egg is incubated in and not chromosomes. Eggs incubated at 30 ยฐC (86 ยฐF) or lower produce females; whereas 33 ยฐC (93 ยฐF) or higher produce males.โ€ฆ
l, the invention of artificial refrigeration 1904, and various poultry raising techniques eggs were seasonal to the majority of the population. Farmers used various feed/light methods to trick hens into thinking it was spring and laying eggs year-round. Today eggs are a staple of most diets.โ€ฆ
The Australian three-toed skink is the only known vertebrate to have laid eggs and given birth to live offspring during the same pregnancyโ€ฆ
Swedish eggs are guaranteed salmonella freeโ€ฆ
The "ultimate parasitic ant" spends most of its adult life clinging to the back of its host, laying two eggs every minute.โ€ฆ
No species of turtle nurtures their children. Turtles mothers find a location on land to dig a nest and lay their eggs. After they lay their eggs, they walk away. Itโ€™s up to the babies to fend for themselves once they hatch.โ€ฆ
Jeeps have Easter Eggs which are little animals or icons that have been found on the windshield, trunk, dashboard and various other parts of a Jeep.โ€ฆ
The tapeworm diet started with women in the Victorian Era. The style was to have pale skin, eyes that looked dilated, red cheeks and lips, and a tiny waist. In the age of corsets, they also ingested tapeworms to lose weight. Still practiced today, women take a pill that has a tapeworm egg insideโ€ฆ
SCOBYs used to make kombucha contain more protein than eggs at 18%. They can be substituted for squid in sushi.โ€ฆ
Since every baby girl is born with up to two million eggs in her ovaries, a woman who is pregnant with a girl is not only carrying her baby โ€” but also the beginnings of her grandchild, and her diet and lifestyle can impact the make-up of the eggs in the childโ€™s reproductive system.โ€ฆ
Twins can be born with different fathers in a conflict raising surprise known as heteropaternal superfecundation where the woman releases multiple eggs days apartโ€ฆ
Today I learned about Ensign Wasp. This small insect, occasionally found inside our houses, is actually beneficial to our homes because it feeds on cockroach eggs, thus controlling cockroach infestations :)โ€ฆ
A cockroach can "karate kick" an emerald jewel wasp in the head. If not kicked away, a wasp injects venom into a roach's brain & midsection which paralyzes a roach's front legs & makes it a zombie to be led by its antennae; then it gets stuck with a wasp egg & eaten alive by wasp larvae.โ€ฆ
The first 100,000 pressings of Tiger Woods 99 for the PlayStation contained an Easter egg a QuickTime file titled ZZDUMMY.DAT. When played, it is a VHS recording of Jesus vs. Santa by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, commonly recognized as a precursor to South Park.โ€ฆ
Women still have eggs after menopause, however the body is no longer producing/reacting to hormones necessary for ovulationโ€ฆ
Blood can be used as a substitute for eggs in cooking and baking.โ€ฆ
Today I learned about Castrator barnacles, a species that feminizes male crabs after parasitically taking control of their reproductive physiology. This causes the male crab to grow ovaries, develop female behaviors, and care for the barnacle's egg sack as its own.โ€ฆ
The Philippine eagle, the national bird of the Philippines, is easily recognized by its shaggy, brown and white, mane-like crest. It is the only blue-eyed bird of prey in the world and has 8 times the visual acuity of humans. Females lay only one egg every two years. Its lifespan is ~60 years.โ€ฆ
A deep sea octopus brooded her eggs for 4.5 yearsโ€ฆ
Creme Puff, the world's oldest living recorded house cat, lived on a daily diet of bacon, eggs, broccoli, coffee and red wine.โ€ฆ
Human eggs cells are large enough to see without a microscope!โ€ฆ
This species of desert tadpole shrimp, Triops newberryi, is found in the western US. It only hatches during periods of seasonal flooding and can live to 90 days. This shrimp's eggs are known to stay viable for at least 50 years. It is being considered as a biocontrol agent for larval mosquitoes.โ€ฆ
Star Wars has several easter eggs reverencing a 1963 short produced by the National Film Board of Canada and directed by Arthur Lipsett.โ€ฆ
Killifish eggs can survive a trip through a bird's digestive system, spreading the fish to other places when the birds poop them out.โ€ฆ
The red velvet ant is a species of parasitic wasp native to the eastern US. It is best known for its extremely painful sting, earning it the nickname cow killer. Female ants lay their eggs on the larvae of eastern cicada killers, and the ant grubs then consume their hosts.โ€ฆ
The white noddy or fairy tern, native to tropical Pacific islands, is notable for laying its egg on a bare branch in a small depression without a nest. It is also considered one of the most useful of land-finding birds to mariners since these seabirds generally roam within 45 km of their island.โ€ฆ
In 1990, BBCโ€™s Tomorrowโ€™s World featured a white, sticky coating with astonishing heat-resisting properties, Starlite. In a demonstration, a raw egg painted with the stuff stayed raw in the heat of a blowtorch. The inventor died in 2011, having failed to strike a deal with any manufacturer.โ€ฆ
Today I learned about the elephant bird that went extinct around 1000 -1200 BCE. The birds were so large they could reach the weight of 1,600 pounds and grow as tall as 9.8 feet. There eggs had a circumference of 35 inches. They once lived on Madagascar and the closest living relative is the Kiwi.โ€ฆ
There are wasps feeding on tarantulas, and they lay their eggs in them to feed on the tarantula while it's still aliveโ€ฆ
Locals in North Carolina raise ostriches and emus for meat, eggs and leather, along with emu oil, which is a natural moisturizer with anti-inflammatory properties.โ€ฆ
Annually around 40 million Olive Ridley hatchlings are born in Odisha coast of India and they are monitored around the year from adults laying eggs to birth. Fishing and commercial activities are banned around particular coast. One of the most successful conservation story.
The Animals' Eric Burdon is "The Eggman" from The Beatles' "I am the Walrus". John Lennon gave him the nickname "Eggman" after hearing a story where Burdon's girlfriend used a popper on him while he was making breakfast, cracked an egg on his naked body, and had sex with him on the floor.โ€ฆ
If you feed a chicken a diet of spicy red peppers, its egg yolk will turn red. This is harmless for the chicken as all birds are immune to capsaicin (the substance that makes food taste spicy).โ€ฆ
The town of Two Egg, Florida has their own local monster, described as a โ€˜small Bigfootโ€™. His name is the Two Egg Stump-Jumperโ€ฆ
A man bought a golden egg for $13,000 at a sale. It turned out it was an incredibly rare Fabergรฉ egg, once owned by the Emperor of Russia, that had been missing since 1902. It is worth $33,300,000.
1/3 women feel a cramping sensation when they're releasing an egg during ovulationโ€ฆ
100 grams of red ants provide 14 grams of protein (more than eggs), almost 48 grams of calcium, and a nice hit of iron, among other nutrients. All that for 100 calories.โ€ฆ
Hens store semen in storage tubules and can periodically release portions of it over the course of a month to produce numerous fertile eggs. If they happen to mate with a male they don't like, they can simply expel the entire sample and produce infertile eggs.โ€ฆ
There's no nutritional difference in brown and white eggs. The only real difference is the chicken that lays them.โ€ฆ
Tardigrades, or water bears, were filmed mating for the first time in 2016 by German researchers. The female lays eggs, the male gets into position (a process that can be several minutes); they engage in mutual stimulation till the male ejaculates his semen into the female's outer layer of skin.โ€ฆ
While other birds have to sit on nests and use their body heat to incubate their eggs, incubator birds are more like engineers and have a very good solution. They pile plant debris on their eggs and make use of the heat of composting to hatch their eggs, essentially creating a mini greenhouse.โ€ฆ
Some species of mayflies are known to molt 45 times or more during their typical one-year lifespan, and are also known as the only insects that molt twice in their winged-adult form, living for only 1 or 2 days to mate and lay eggs. Interestingly, mayflies are unable to breathe while molting.โ€ฆ
A moth species has evolved to live in sloth fur. The moths use sloth dung to incubate their eggs and when they hatch, the moths fly back into a sloth's fur, completing the cycle. When the moths die, their corpses fertilize moss growing in the sloth's fur, which provide camouflage and...nutritionโ€ฆ
Sperm don't race to the egg. They are passively transported by the female tract, through โ€œpumping and wafting motions.โ€ Many are kept in side-channels for at least 5 days. Also: smaller mammals tend to have longer sperm โ€” a mouse sperm is longer than a whaleโ€™s.โ€ฆ
The three-toed skink can both lays eggs and gives birth to live young.โ€ฆ
Females insects are the only ones that can sting. This is because the stinger is actually a modified egg ovipositor (an egg laying structure).โ€ฆ
Science shows that the Egg came first, not the Chicken. 1. The first egg was laid by a bird that was not a chicken. 2. The first amniotic (hard-shelled) egg laid on land was around 312 million years ago. Chickens are domesticated descendants of red junglefowl from at most 8000 years ago.โ€ฆ
While traveling Marco Polo heard stories of a giant bird living in Madagascar. He assumed the giant bird was Roc the legendary eagle from Middle Eastern mythology. Many centuries later, bones and eggs discovered on the island proved that giant ostrich like birds once lived in Madagascar.โ€ฆ
Today I learned about sesquizygotic (or half-identical) twins, who share 100% of their maternal DNA while having different sets of paternal DNA. This is likely due to a single egg being fertilised by two sperm cells.โ€ฆ
Poultry farmers and people that have chickens use a technique called "Egg Candling" to determine whether or not an egg has been fertilized and is developing a viable chick.โ€ฆ

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