FDR had a massive 750 lb globe on the floor behind his desk in the Oval Office. During WWII, he used the 4 ft wide globe to trace troop movements and plan military strategy with his advisors. blogs.loc.gov/maps/2018/0…
US president Calvin "Silent Cal" Coolidge used to buzz for his secret service and then would hide under his desk while they frantically searched for him historytoday.com/archive/…
Rate my setup. Hewlett Packard 280 integrated desk with printer...
Found out my neighbor sleeps with a loaded firearm today. (Corner of my computer desk right behind my monitor)
I've always wanted a desk cat to keep me company when I code. I have finally achieved it reddit.com/gallery/n7mkfs
My work desk in the morning
The cottage where Ulysses Grant finished his memoirs is now an historic monument and is kept how it was when he died. On his desk is a large bottle of liquid cocaine. Park rangers check it annually to make sure it is all there. blog.americanheritage1.co…
Spent 4 hours managing the cable nest behind my desk. 100% worth it!
AITA for checking my blood sugar at my desk when my coworker has a severe blood phobia?

I (24M) enjoy my job and have two coworkers, Megan (25F) and our new coworker James (23M) who just started. The three of us each have our own office space, but because we have to frequently collaborate on work throughout the day we are often at each other’s desks.

I am a type 1 diabetic, I give insulin and check my blood sugar throughout the day as needed. I give insulin through a pump so that’s not an issue. Checking my blood sugar involves pricking my finger to draw a drop of blood, the blood gets sucked up into a test strip that is connected to a glucose meter, and the meter displays the reading. The whole process takes like 10 seconds.

I was checking my blood sugar in my office right when James walked over. Immediately, his face went white, he looked like he was about to puke or faint or maybe both. I was like, dude are you okay? He told me that he has a major blood and needle phobia and gets therapy for it. I explained what I was doing and why it was necessary and he said it’s β€œfreaky” that I have to MAKE myself bleed multiple times a day. He told me he never wants to accidentally walk in on me checking my blood sugar again because he could pass out. I said that if I’m checking my blood sugar and hear him coming over I can call out a warning like β€œgive me a sec!”. He said that won’t work, just knowing that I’m doing that just before he comes over is enough to freak him out, and that he would be stressed that I might not hear him walking over.

He told me I should check it in the bathroom from now on. I told him that I don’t think I should have to do that and it’s unsanitary. He said another option was if I only check my blood sugar at certain times, say 9am, 12pm before eating lunch, and 4pm, that way he’d know when to avoid me. I said these things can’t always be predicted, I’ll need to check if I feel my blood sugar going high or low.

He said he understands that I have diabetes but that he also has a special need (his blood phobia) that needs to be accommodated and that he doesn’t want to have to avoid me at work and only talk to Megan for fear he might see me checking again. He said he’ll talk to HR about this and that he’ll tell them that I refused to compromise with him.

That was last Thursday before the holidays, tomorrow I’m thinking of going to talk to HR before James does, but first I need to know that I’m in the right here. So AITA for not being more accommodating of James’ blood/needle phobia and checking my blood sugar as needed at m

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The best commute ever is the walk from your bed to your desk.
Short table/desk with an opening on the front, a fence on the back, and storage on both sides. Roughly knee height, found on the streets in LA.
[GB] Takoyakeys x Inputuniverse Matsuzuka Desk Mat + Giveaway!

Good day, everyone! 😊

To celebrate the launch of the GB, the unique/unusual collaboration between brand (Takoyakeys), artist (Inputuniverse), and manufacturer (Zionstudiosph), and to give back to this amazing community, we are giving three lucky winners their very own Matsuzuka desk mat in their choice of color!

Product Details

Β· Manufactured by Zion Studios PH, you also view the renders and prototypes!

πŸŽ‰Rules for the giveawayπŸŽ‰:

Comment on this post with 3 keyboard-related design details you spotted on the desk mat!

Β· The giveaway will run for 5 days (Until May 20th at 11:59 pm PDT)

Β· Winner will be announced on Zionstudios’ Instagram Story and this Reddit post will be updated shortly after.

Β· Reddit account must be older than 7 days, with more than 5 combined Karma.

Β· redditraffler will be used to choose the winner.

Β· Winner chooses from one of five different desk mats as shown here.

Β· This is a global giveaway, shipping will be paid for.

· Upvote is optional, but would be much appreciated 😊.

The Matsuzuka Desk Mat Group Buy will be live until the end of the month on May. 30. We have 15 different regional vendors partaking in this GB, so chances are you will be able to order one without worrying about customs fees and border delays.

List of vendors:

Β· Canada: Takoyakeys

Β· USA: Mechs & Co.

Β· China: zFrontier

Β· UK: proto[Typist]

Β· EU: mykeyboard.eu

Β· Philippines: Zion Studios PH

Β· Korea: Swagkeys


Β· South America: Fancy Customs

Β· Vietnam: [TΓ‘o BαΊ‘o SΓ³p](https://taobaosop.com/prod

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VP Harris's new desk was built by Navy Seabees out of wood and hardware salvaged from the USS Constitution during renovations
Desk with hidden laptop compartment
My husband works from home (has a standing desk) and this is his work day with our fosters: Cheddar, Brie, Camembert (Gorgonzola, Feta and Velveeta are sleeping) v.redd.it/c92snkswsnq61
OP Found out his neighbor sleeps with a loaded firearm today. (Corner of OP's computer desk right behind OP's monitor)
What snacks do you keep in your desk for emergencies?

I’m newly back at the office and I underestimated my hunger today. I need a stash of something for times like this but it can’t be too good or else I’ll drain it and be without again

Edit: Holy shit this blew up lol I bought those orange cheese crackers

Been lurking here a long time, quit my job as a software developer about six months ago because I hated sitting at a desk all day. Started woodworking full time, this was my first major job, finally finished. reddit.com/gallery/mbi976
Need some extra desk space, so I went for a 60%
It was during filming of "Booze cruise" that the secondary cast members learned that they had been promoted to series regulars. Up un that point, they had been hired week-to-week. A photo of Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey celebrating is seen at Pam's desk in "take your daughter to work day"
My coworker sold his doge so I hung this up at his desk. HODL.
[WP] You are a professor who assigns his students an essay on what it means to be a dictator. 30 years later one of your students actually becomes one and you find a 20 page thesis written by him on your desk.
This is a desk I just finished, Can you tell it was made out of MDF? v.redd.it/c7f2e5ijafp61
The desk used by many presidents of the United States was named β€œResolute Desk” because it was made from pieces of wood of the HMS Resolute, a English ship discovered by an American in Artica, repaired and sent back to England as a sign of friendship between the two countries. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Res…
The candy desk has been a tradition of the United States Senate since 1968 wikipedia.org/wiki/Candy_…
Mid-century inspired walnut desk I built. reddit.com/gallery/mzm0rk
A 1949 BBC memo forbade employees to use desk lamps unless the main room light was on. The head of the Variety department believed that a man working at a desk in a confined space with only the light from a low-wattage lamp would nurture furtive ideas and produce degenerate programme material. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ang…
"We have been dealt a very bad hand by people who sit behind desks in suits and have never played football." Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is not happy about playing 4 games in 8 days and called it impossible v.redd.it/0xun3sxr6px61
In the early 19th century the US Senate's desks were updated to make them more usable (i.e. a writing box and an extra drawer). Daniel Webster refused to update his desk, thinking it was a waste of money. The desk is still used as nobody wants to get rid of it since it belonged to Daniel Webster mentalfloss.com/article/8…
This is a desk I made for my basement! It serves as a workstation and an awesome pc setup! v.redd.it/bpnknc6yrfp61
Someone is under my desk
I let my son (8 year old) watch me play. This was on his bedroom desk upstairs.
I repurposed wall art into an adjustable standing desk imgur.com/a/E53tqet
Any mobile desk set ups in here? Where are my digital nomads?!
My tiny desk area finally finished! reddit.com/gallery/n3n74z
Happy Tax day! I’m an accountant and I have this pinned to at my desk at all times !
Made a Minimalistic X Leg Desk for our home over the weekend. How I built it. imgur.com/gallery/FDF53Uj
A new case of communism has appeared on the United States' desk
$40 of ply + couple grand in tools + marginal talent = A desk worth $45? $50?
FGSky now has a desk!


Update from my last photo. Got a new motorised desk. It’s all coming together!
That love/hate relationship with switch lubing "day". first, you feel great; chill music in the background, u settle into your desk and start, your eyes are fresh! 2 hours your back aches, 3 hours u question your sanity. 4 hours you wonder why bother lubing. 6 hours "I'm not buying anymore switches"
[Belal Muhammad Twitter] Belal Muhammad is making his behind the desk debut next week! twitter.com/bullyb170/sta…
Local museum posts image of a 1965 school desk inscribed with β€œBenny & Linda”. Benny responds in comments.
Why are degree holders/pursers not encouraged to skip help desk?

Something I have noticed in posts here is that degree holders/pursers (IT, comp sci etc) are constantly being told that their first job out of college will be help desk. Dont get me wrong, I am a Junior, and my first internship was in help desk(currently cloud engineer intern), but theres seem to be some culture here that everyones first job out of college will and should be helpdesk.

Just looking at linkedin, there are over 500+ devops/cloud/IT internship openings. I believe the culture here doesn't really push students to pursue these internships, these are a ticket out of having a helpdesk be your first new grad job. This will affect your salary and career trajectory.

Compared to /r/csMajors where every post is about a FAANG internship and earning 10k a month as in intern. The culture there pushes pursuing the best possible internship in college. This is a quote from a comment here "They're aware that starting as high as you possibly can is a good thing and aren't afraid to go for it. By comparison, the attitude here has IT/IS majors doing nothing for 4 years, doing tech support at their university, MSP, geek squad, or just plan old help desk. Everyone just seems to go right for the lowest hanging fruits. It seems like a mix of low confidence, lack of research, and lack of drive." They being /r/csMajors .

Virtually every internship is remote now, which means if you dont live in a tech hub, you still have an opportunity to intern for these bigger companies doing exciting work.

There should be monthly threads aimed at students with a focus on internships, where/how to apply, whats trending etc. This post isnt aimed to put down help desk, I started as a help desk intern and realized its best to pursue internships that focus on what you want to specialize in , in order to have a higher chance of working in that upon graduation.

edit: not to say getting an internship is easy, I have probably applied to over 500+ places and I am only a junior in college. It is a number/luck game after all. edit 1: this post is aimed more for students as there are a lot of career switchers where this may not really apply.

Edit 2: this post is aimed for students

Edit 3: I am not advocating to skip help desk, like I said my first internship was help desk and not only taught me a lot, but allowed to to get a better picture of where I want to take my career.

English Walnut Standing Desk Build (Link to Build in Comments)
I told my coworker I’m taking her with me when GME moons. She adopted 2kids as a single mother. She is a social worker and sees the shit of SHIT every day and then goes home and takes care of kids she didn’t even birth.. Pack up your desk, bitch. We gettin out

We have seen infants that have been beaten to death. Pregnant mothers murdered. Sons having babies with their mother who molested them. Daughters sold for money. The list goes on. WE GETTIN OUT SIS. Hold for Janice!!!

Found a solution for that annoying monitor power brick that used to dangle under my desk

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