Steve Jobs is buried in an unmarked grave and unknown location in a cemetery in Palo Alto where his parents and tech royalty like David Packard were buriedโ€ฆ
Thereโ€™s a cemetery in the Netherlands consisting of 8,300 US veterans who died in WWII. For the past 70 years, Dutch families have come to the cemetery every Sunday to care for a grave they adopted. Hundreds of people are currently on a waiting list to become caretakers.โ€ฆ
Thereโ€™s an active Jewish cemetery completely surrounded by the GM Hamtramck assembly plant. Access is only permitted on Rosh Hashanah and the Sunday before Passover.โ€ฆ
During a flight to America the 'Hindenburg' hovered over a random English town and dropped a bouquet of flowers, then ascended and continued its journey. A note attached to the bouquet read: please deposit these flowers and cross on the grave of my dear brother, POW [in the local cemetery]"โ€ฆ
Jack McCall was found guilty of the murder of Wild Bill Hickok in Deadwood, SD on 6 Dec 1876 & sentenced to be hung. McCall was the 1st man to be legally hung in the Dakota Territory on 1 Mar 1877 . He was buried in Yanktonโ€™s cemetery with the noose from his hanging still around his neck.โ€ฆ
The victims of the Titanic, that were recovered, were buried according to the class they were sailing in with First Class passengers being embalmed and buried in a Halifax cemetery while Third Class passengers were buried at sea.โ€ฆ
A cemetery may choose to reclaim a cemetery plot if it has not been used for an extended period of time.โ€ฆ
When the corpses from Holy Innocents' Cemetery in Paris were dug up to be moved into the catacombs in 1786, many bodies had incompletely decomposed and had reduced into large deposits of fat known as "corpse wax". During exhumation, this fat was collected and turned into candles and soap.โ€ฆ
America's first and largest pet cemetery is in Hartsdale, New York. A veterinarian started it in 1896 when he let a pet owner bury their deceased dog on a hill in his apple orchard. Now 70,000 pets are buried there today.โ€ฆ
, in 1999 a local cemetery was too crowded, and some politicians were blocking the purchase of land to build a new one, while demanding a solution,the mayor got fed up, and passed a law banning death in the cityโ€ฆ
Today I learned about the cemetery gun, a mounted gun that was used to kill grave robbers. The gun would be set up in front of the grave with 3 tripwires attached to it. If someone triggered a tripwire the gun would turn and fire in the direction or whatever tripwire was pulled, killing the person.โ€ฆ
At the time of his death, the accomplishments of Johannes Gutenberg (inventor of the printing press) were largely unrecognized. The church and the cemetery where he was buried were later destroyed, and his grave is now lost.โ€ฆ
Today I learned about Stonewall Jackson's left arm, which was amputated after he was shot by his own troops. Jackson's arm was buried in a private cemetery in Spotsylvania, VA, and never reunited with the rest of his remains. A monument to his left arm still stands there today.โ€ฆ
In 1854 the London Necropolis Railway began carrying corpses from London to a cemetery 20 miles outside the city, as a response to a burial crisis created by lack of space to bury dead bodies. Hearse trains ran until World War II, only being stopped by German bombing of the city.โ€ฆ
Today I learned of Ruth Coker Burks. During the AIDS epidemic in the late 1980s, she used her salary as a real estate agent to provide support, medication and palliative care for more than 1000 AIDS patients whose families had abandoned them, and for some, burying them in her own family cemetery in Arkansas.โ€ฆ
Rookwood Cemetery, the largest cemetery in the Southern hemisphere, is larger than the CBD of Sydney, the city in which it is located.โ€ฆ
The Guinness record holder for the biggest robbery of a government belongs to former Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos who stole an estimated amount of $10B. His body is currently buried at the Heroes' Cemetery of the Philippines.โ€ฆ
A black cemetery in Florida disappeared 100 years ago. The local newspaper started looking for it and through old documents learned that maybe a public housing complex had been built over it. An archaeologist used ground-penetrating radar to see what was in the ground. He found 120 coffins.โ€ฆ
Mr. Toad has a headstone in the pet cemetery at the Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom at Disney World as a tribute to the now extinct Mr. Toad's Wild Rideโ€ฆ
That, once the Civil War began, Confederate general Robert E. Lee's plantation outside Washington DC was repurposed by the Lincoln administration to house a camp for escaped slaves. It contained a school, hospital, and cemetery, and it is now the site of Arlington National Cemetery.โ€ฆ
During WW2, the British Navy sent ships to help defend the U.S. from German U-Boat attacks. The HMT Bedfordshire was sunk off the coast of North Carolina. A special cemetery was created in Ocracoke, NC, and is leased in perpetuity to England so that the men would be buried on British soil.โ€ฆ
You can "TAKE YOUR SECRET TO THE GRAVE" without dying. A hollow tombstone in Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery has a slot for depositing papers bearing secrets. (But at your own risk: the artist who says she'll burn the papers has done "performance art" of reading aloud her own dead mom's diary.)โ€ฆ
Actor Paul Marcarelli โ€“ the Verizon Wireless โ€œCan you hear me now?โ€ guy โ€“ told โ€œThe Atlanticโ€ magazine that the catchphrase plagues him so much that someone even said it to him at his grandmotherโ€™s funeral as her casket was being lowered into the cemetery plot.โ€ฆ
The Blue Hole is a 120-metre-deep sinkhole, five miles north of Dahab, Egypt. Its nickname is the โ€œdiversโ€™ cemeteryโ€. Divers in Dahab say 200 died in recent years. Many of those who died were attempting to swim under the arch. This challenge is to scuba divers what Kilimanjaro is to hikers.โ€ฆ
At Forrest Lawn Cemetery in LA There are herds of deer that wander around and eat the fresh flowers that are left on gravesโ€ฆ
The second tallest monument in Arlington National Cemetery is a 32' tall bronze sculpture to Confederacy titled "New South" by the sculptor, and the Daughters of the Confederacy hold Confederate memorial day ceremonies there to this day.โ€ฆ
In 1956 the Welsh village of Capel Celyn, including its two cemeteries were submerged to form a dam for Liverpoolโ€™s drinking. The majority of bodies were not removed.โ€ฆ
Arlington National Cemetery includes Arlington House, a Memorial to Robert E Leeโ€ฆ
In response to a literal overflow of corpses in Parisian cemeteries in 1780, it took the city 12 years to move between 6 and 7 million bodies to its former underground mine quarries which became the cityโ€™s catacombs.โ€ฆ
There is a fake cemetery in Houston put there to prevent littering and vagrancyโ€ฆ
Today I learned of the old jewish cemetery in prague. Dating back to 1478, it has gotten full so many times and they just kept adding layers. Now there are 12 layers of graves stacked on top of each other. There are about 12,000 visible tombstones but over 100,000 people buried there.โ€ฆ
The world's largest cemetery is Wadi-us-Salaam ("Valley of Peace") in Najaf, Iraq - it contains tens of millions of bodies over an area of 6 kmยฒ, and approximately 500,000 new bodies from around the globe are buried there annuallyโ€ฆ
Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein, lost her virginity at a cemetery where she would secretly meet her future husband. After Shelley died, her family searched her desk and they found a copy of a poem written by her deceased husband, along with some of his ashes and the remains of his heart.โ€ฆ
Even the Ku Klux Klan classifies the Westboro Baptist Church as a hate group; the KKK were one of the main counter protesters against the Church's anti-Memorial Day protests at the Arlington Cemetery, Virginiaโ€ฆ
Robert E. Lee owned a plantation across the river from Washington DC until the start of the civil war. The Lees abandoned the home and the Union army occupied their land, ultimately burying Union war dead there to spite Lee for his treason. It is now Arlington National Cemetery.โ€ฆ
The largest number of graves of any cemetery for U.S. personnel killed during World War II is located in Manila, Philippines. It has 17,206 graves. 16,636 of which were U.S. personnel. #MemorialDayโ€ฆ
Today I learned of the systematic destruction of the Armenian cemetery at Julfa. In response to charges from Armenia and various international organisations and despite overwhelming evidence of their involvement, the Azerbaijani government insisted that the cemetery and the monuments within had never existed.โ€ฆ
Memorial Necrรณpole Ecumรชnica is the tallest cemetery in the world with restaurants, concert hall and gardens. It has 32 floors with 150 tombs in each floor. It offers a three year burial option which costs between between $5,900 and $21,000.โ€ฆ
France granted the US permanent, rent-free possession of the American cemetery in Normandy, which contains the remains of 9,387 fallen troops plus a memorial to 1,557 killed there whose remains were either not found or not identified.โ€ฆ
Today I learned of Ruth Coker Burks aka the "Cemetery Angel" who at the height of the AIDS crisis put up her own money to take care of and buy medicine for AIDS patients and buried over 40 people in her family's cemetery plot, most of whom were gay men whose families would not claim their ashes.โ€ฆ
There is a spacecraft cemetery in the middle of the Pacific Oceanโ€ฆ
There is only one cemetery in Singapore still open for burials. The burial period for all graves is limited to 15 years, after which the graves are exhumed.โ€ฆ
Dred Scott and William Tecumseh Sherman are buried in the same cemetery located in St. Louis, Missouri.โ€ฆ
Hamburg has the biggest rural cemetery in the world and that it is nearly twice the size of Monaco at 400 hectares.โ€ฆ
In the US you generally buy a cemetery spot for life and not just rent it until you stop renewing it anymore as is custom in many other other parts of the worldโ€ฆ
In the 19th century the city of London once considered building a giant death pyramid to deal with the city's looming cemetery shortageโ€ฆ
The British sent ships and men to the US at the start of WWII to protect us from German U-boats. One ship sank and all 37 men on-board died. Only 4 washed up on shore. A special "British Cemetery" was created and it is leased in perpetuity to England so the men are at rest on British soilโ€ฆ
Today I learned about the Highgate Cemetery Vampire. In 1970, after a period of vandalism, two rival vampire hunters claimed there was a vampire on the loose while declaiming the other as a charlatan. A mob overran police, and staked and burned numerous corpses. The vampire was never found.โ€ฆ
Since 1948 there has been a group of ladies at Arlington National Cemetery that has attended every funeral to support and comfort families, or to be there only one that attends to ensure no one is ever buried aloneโ€ฆ
John Parr and George Ellison, respectively the first and last British military casualties of World War I, are coincidentally buried in the St-Symphorien cemetery in Belgium, with their graves facing each other.โ€ฆ

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