Amazon accounts are NOT unique by email address

Today my wife was trying to buy something out of my wishlist for the holidays. When she could not find the item on my wishlist she called me and told me. I logged into my account and saw it, right there, on top of (what I thought) my short (11 items) wishlist.

Well, she swore it wasn't in it and she started to read out the names of items looong forgotten. . . I emailed my wishlist to her from the link Amazon provides at the top of the page. Once she clicked on the link she could find the item in question.

I logged off and looked for the wishlist corresponding to my email account, and sure enough that old list came up. After playing with some settings (yes, partly my fault since I had an old email address on the wishlist I could edit) I could see both lists appearing... So far, so good, but I could not edit or access the older list... WTF?

I get on the phone with Amazon. Nice guy, and we resolved the issue (sort of) quickly. The problem is that I opened a second account under

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